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Grow Your People To Grow Your Business

Are you struggling to grow your business or career in a major way, and finding it an uphill climb?


There is a simple principle on which you can rely for business growth.  It is, unfortunately, overlooked by far too many. 


That principle is simply this: as you grow, and as your people grow, your business will grow.


One cannot reasonably expect business growth while the workforce operates at the level that brought the business to where it is.  


This same principle applies to life.  If you want to live in a new way, with more freedom to fully express and be yourself, in more complete alignment with YOUR sense of your true life purpose, the simple key is to work on your own self-growth.


Until you recognize the patterns that have placed you and kept you where you have been, and then go through a process of outgrowing those patterns, those old patterns will continue to keep you locked where you are.  You might change the forms of your “bondage”, but the state of your bondage will seem essentially unchanged.


Individuals often find this to be the case when they leave a relationship or leave a company.  It doesn't take long for them to recreate the constraints that they had hoped to leave behind.


When I'm brought into a company as a Work-Life Coach, I facilitate the personal and professional development of the workforce. There are those who passionately gravitate toward this opportunity for self-growth support.  There are others, however, who resist it.


Those members of a workforce who resist the opportunity to grow represent a major barrier to company growth.  They hope to help the company achieve different results as they remain in their old, robotic life and work patterns.


Sooner or later a business has to make a decision about the path it intends to take into the future.  If it chooses to remain on the same tired path it has been on, following the traditional, customary models it has had in place, it chooses a path of stagnation and decline.


If the company courageously chooses a new way, one that is about transforming the individuals within the company to fulfill more of their greater potential, the business enters a path toward fulfilling its higher potential.


You cannot change your results without changing your approach, and sometimes a fresh perspective coming from outside the organization is the best option for sparking new approaches that generate improved results.


To grow your business or career, and to grow your life-circumstances into your goals for your life, focus on your self-growth process.  Identify the weaknesses holding you back and the strengths you need to develop to grow more effective and successful. This may include facing fears,losing worry patterns, improving relationship skills, making better use of your time.


The place to begin self-growth is with self-awareness.  In my work-life coaching sessions the focus is really on helping the individual I'm working with to become more self-aware.  As you become more self-aware you find ways that you hold yourself back and ways to release your greater potential for a healthier, happier, more successful and meaningful life.


A business is really just a conglomerate of the people and process that are in place within it.  As each individual within your company grows more self-aware, he and she will discover new ways of functioning for happier, higher performance at work.


To the extent that life, work or business growth is a struggle, we invariably suffer from unconscious inner conflicts that hold us back.


For instance, a part of you might unconsciously fear your business' growth because it may mean you might lose some of the control.


You might worry that if your business grows you will have to give it more time than you want to give it.


You might be concerned that once your business reaches the goals you have set for it, you might feel purposeless and perhaps drift into unhealthy paths of self-indulgence.


Whatever your current business situation, you are the creator of it.  That means that it is up to you to create the business situation you want.  You cannot create something greater without becoming someone greater.


One common blockage to success is unconscious, limiting expectation.  

Whatever your current expectations are about what is possible for you and for your business, they can be exceeded.  The first step is to recognize what your limiting expectations are, so that you can drop them.


The next step is to create a vision of a more spectacular outcome, one that fully inspires you.  From there, take conscious action in line with that objective.


By “conscious” action, I mean pay attention to what you are doing as opposed to functioning on automatic.

By simply paying more attention to what you are doing you will find a better way. Taking that "better way" demonstrates your growth and improves your results.


To Help Yourself, Help Others


Working on your self-growth empowers you to make a greater contribution to others.  As your contribution to the lives of others grows more valuable you receive more valuable rewards.


The more you help others, the more others will help you.  The more you give of what you have to offer, the more you will receive of what you after.  

The growth of a business often comes down to simply enhancing the customer's experience of doing business with you, and enhancing the prospects' experience of having a relationship with you.


As you pay closer attention to the experience you are creating with customers and prospects, you discover ways to improve that experience.

In my individual work-life coaching sessions I help every member of the organization uncover his and her own path to the fulfillment of higher potential in life and work.

One of the primary motivators for a rise in workforce loyalty, commitment, morale and performance is the workers' perception of the opportunity for their personal and professional development.  

As you provide your workforce with self-growth opportunities, you create a richer workplace experience for the staff AND the incremental improvement of the company's operational and financial performance.


Grow your people to grow your business.  Grow yourself.

Provide your employees with an experience in self-growth through a motivating team building seminar, a morale-boosting lunch-and-learn, an inspiring keynote that leads to inspired performance, and company wide work-life coaching that facilitates the personal and professional development of every member of your team.

Call 404-297-4043 or email to discuss your options or to schedule Bob Lancer to help you grow your business, enhance team work, and raise performance levels.

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