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A Holistic Business Development Success Formula

New Business Development Wisdom: 

From The Roots To The Fruits

Business development needs to be viewed as far more than as a branch of a well-run business. 


Business development needs to be viewed as an integral aspect of every level and department of business operations.


When viewed as a “branch”, business development strategies are marginalized, when they really need to be centralized.


Can you think of a single aspect of any business that does NOT in some way impact business development?


If you really think about it, you see that everything from how the employees interact with one another to the attitude that the CEO has toward the people that work for him or her must have some degree of influence upon the success of sales and marketing.


You cannot place a real barrier around how the employees feel about themselves, one another, their work, their lives and their company.  Attitudes radiate and they spread throughout every branch of operations.  

Employee unhappiness translates into some degree of decline in workforce performance, including sales force performance, and extending to prospect and customer dissatisfaction. The condition of the tree as a whole impacts the fruitfulness of its branches.


A fruitful business is like a thriving tree.  Focusing on developing one branch of that tree risks a lopsided structure that is doomed to fall.  By nurturing the tree as a whole each branch naturally does better.


So an essential key to improving business development is to support the ongoing development of the basic level of attitude and effectiveness of the workforce as a whole.


I help company leaders achieve this by presenting motivational seminar-training experiences for personal and professional development and team building to their employees at every level of operations.


I take this holistic approach a step further and a step deeper by providing personal and professional development individual Work-Life Coaching to key individuals within the workforce.


In this context of a holistic business development strategy I also facilitate communication between the various departments (branches) of the organization as I learn of issues during the interactive portion of seminars and in coaching sessions. 

Acting as the messenger, I then effectively communicate those issues to the appropriate person for a constructive response. 

One "branch" I give special attention to is the Customer Service Department, specifically assisting them in team building and in customer experience enhancement skills.

Continuously refining the skills and recharging the motivation of sales professionals is, of course, an essential part of business development. To meet this need I work specifically with the people in sales and marketing to help clarify the challenges and problems they are facing, and to help them come up with effective strategies for reaching their goals more efficiently.

I guess you could call me a "Business Development Tree Surgeon".

My sales force trainings focus on the continuous development of 10 Essential Skills for Sales Success:

1… Being sure to qualify prospects before selling to them: specifically, determining that they can benefit from and afford to pay for what you are selling.  (Otherwise, you're wasting your time.)


2… Communicating the benefit of what you are selling in a way that inspires the prospect's desire for it.


3… Selling your company: in other words, show how your company matches up with the values of the prospect.


4… Clearly connecting the benefit of what you are selling to the goals or need-satisfaction of the prospect.


5… Providing a clear, concrete understanding of what you are selling.


6… Disciplining your thoughts to continuously focus on the successful outcome that you intend.


7… Remaining committed to being at the very top of your field.


8… Cultivating and maintaining the solid and strong belief in yourself and in your ability to succeed.


9… Networking strategically (and relentlessly) to expand and nurture your relationship base.


10… Overcoming fears of rejection and failure and remaining highly motivated, energized, inspired and in love with what you do and who you do it with.


As crucial as is this ten-step strategy for sales success, it cannot replace the more intrinsic, empowering, holistic strategy for business development that consistently supports the personal and professional development, motivation and interpersonal harmony of the entire workforce.

Recharge YOUR organization from the roots to the fruits with Bob Lancer Team Building motivational seminar-experiences and whole company work-life coaching, customer service support and sales force development.

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