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Professional Development Coaching for Managers


The results that a business achieves are an exact reflection of the level of proficiency demonstrated by its workforce development.  

For a business to grow more successful, the people in the business need to demonstrate a higher level of capability.  

An essential role of managers is to continuously advance employee development.  

To fulfill this role at peak proficiency, the managers themselves need to be engaged in their own continuous professional development.

To help managers support the professional development of their people, I provide a special in-depth professional development series of management coaching sessions.

It involves 6 monthly management coaching sessions in which I work one-on-one with managers or, in some cases, with managers in a group setting.

I've distilled the key areas for professional development for management into six essential capacities.  You can use the following description of each session as a guide for your own self-directed personal development. 

Session 1: Improve your emotional intelligence. 
Emotional intelligence is about choosing the right response, instead of losing your point of leverage in the relationship or situation by falling into habitual, reactive emotional states.  Emotions can empower or disempower and, when you are aware enough, how you react is a choice.  This session builds awareness for recognition of the emotional response you are ABOUT to choose, so you can make a wiser choice that helps you reach your objective.


Session 2: Deepen your critical thinking skills.

The ability to solve problems comes down to your ability to ask yourself and others the “right questions”.  Right questions are those that help you shift your perspective out of the “stuck mode”, get to the real core of the matter, and come up with a clear and direct path to the outcome you are seeking.  An important Critical Thinking Skill is the ability to distinguish between what you THINK you know and what you really know.  As you make this crucial distinction you avoid basing reactions and decisions on false presumptions, uncover new possibilities and empower yourself with more strategic response options.


Session 3: Develop your coaching skills.

We can define effective coaching as an interpersonal activity that leads others into a higher level of performance and satisfaction.  The best way – and perhaps the only way – to learn how to coach effectively is to BE coached effectively, so that you can pick up the nuances of “catalytic conversation”.  Catalytic conversation is a way of dialoguing that sparks new insights that lead to breakthroughs resulting in new behavior and better attitudes.  To coach effectively is to inspire the individual to move from habitual patterns into actualizing higher potential, and to help the individual visualize what that higher potential is.  The truly effective coach uses each coaching session to grow himself/herself in the process.


Session 4: Manage yourself to better manage others.

To “manage yourself” means first that have to be self-aware.  As you grow more self-aware you recognize the limitations on your own performance and attitude imposed by your unconscious thought, feeling, action and communication patterns.  As you uncover these, you can transform them for a more positive attitude and more effective functioning.  The self-aware manager discovers new and better ways to interact with others, and thus produces better results with them.  In this coaching session, the manager learns HOW to become more self-aware, and realizes that one can always grow more self-aware to become a happier and more successful manager.


Session 5: Develop your Motivational Management Skills.

The fact is that we really cannot “make” anyone do anything.  The best that we can do is to motivate them to take action.  In this session managers learn how to motivate by forging deep connections, stepping into the other person's world authentically and achieving win/win outcomes.  The foundation for motivating others is to be motivated yourself.  So part of this session is devoted to understanding how to anchor oneself into a positive state of inspiration and to transmit that state to others.  


Session 6: Master your Communication Skills.

Communication is 75% - 100% non-verbal.  The way you sit, squint, tilt your head, or use your hands while you speak to another can easily be “taken the wrong way” and create counterproductive conflict.  Your tone of voice can turn the other on or turn the other off.  If you habitually gloss over words instead of making the effort to speak accurately the other will gloss over your message and miss important points.  In this session effective communication is modeled and explained, and a life-long course of communication skills improvement is laid out.


Results: The results of these management coaching sessions include: 

... More positive, more effective and less stressed out managers

... Higher performing, more cohesive and engaged individuals and teams

... Incremental improvement to the operational and financial performance of your organization.

It just may be that the most important people that you need to grow in your organization are those who make up your management team.

In addition to providing professional development team building motivational training seminars to the general workforce of organizations of all kinds, I offer in-depth professional development management coaching sessions in person and over the phone.  

Call 404-297-4043 or email to learn more or to schedule a motivational speaking team building session or management coaching series for the incremental improvement to the operational and financial performance of your organization.

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