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How To Improve Your Marketing… To The Universe

It's essential to market yourself to the public.  You can do it in any number of ways.  For instance, a Realtor at a party might market herself by saying to the person who asks, “So what do you do?”  “I help people find the home that's just right for them.”


As effective as marketing to the public can be, there is a deeper level of marketing that is far more powerful.  And if you don't get this level right, every other marketing effort falls flat. 


In fact, it doesn't matter how hard you work, how smart you work or how good you are at what you do.  If you don't effectively market yourself at this deeper level, all you do will come to naught.


If you are wondering why your best efforts to convert all the sales you want in the marketplace, there's a good chance that you are sabotaging yourself through poor marketing at this level.


I call this deeper level of marketing “Marketing to the universe”.


Marketing To The Universe


You market to the public through the external messages you send out about yourself.  You market to the universe through the internal messages you send out about yourself.


You send out your internal messages about yourself through your attitude. 


Take a good look at your attitude.  What is its message?  What is it saying about you?


Is it saying, “I don't think I'm going to succeed.  The challenges are too big for me.  I might fail.  I might go broke.  I don't think I have what it takes.  I don't think I can make it.”


Sending out messages like this through your attitude impacts the universe the way that negative marketing would impact the public. 


Tell the general public that what you are selling is inadequate and the general public will respond in line with that message by not showing up to buy. 


Similarly, express an attitude that says, “I'm not going to make it.  This isn't going to work,” and the universe will give you obstacles, set-backs and let-downs instead of opportunities.


Your attitude toward your future is how you market yourself to the universe and the universe always responds in line with the message about yourself that you send it.


If your attitude expresses the confident expectation that you will succeed you will succeed.  In fact, you are already succeeding by living in the success attitude.


Tell the universe that you are overwhelmed and you will find yourself increasingly swallowed up by details and distractions.


Tell the universe that you're not smart enough and you'll find your circumstances confirming that opinion of yourself.


Tell the universe that you are just unlucky and whatever form good luck might take will seem to elude you.


The universe always agrees with your attitude.  Always.


Your attitude gets tested when things aren't going smoothly.  It's hard to continue believing in your worth when someone who's approval you want rejects you.  It's hard to believe that you are going to make it when you do your best and the outcome is far less than ideal.


But success demands self-mastery and a fundamental element of self-mastery is attitude, your marketing to the universe.


As long as your attitude is dependent upon your circumstances you lack the inner strength to direct your circumstances very far. 


Use adversity to work on your attitude.  When a negative attitude comes up in you, let it go.  That's how you use adversity to set yourself free.  If you can remain free of negativity when your habitual reaction would make you negative you are making real change, real progress and that will be reflected by circumstances that improve beyond what used to be possible for you.


You'll make more money, attract better relationships, experience better health, make whatever breakthrough you have been working on.


Just as in effective marketing to the public, our goal is to market our message to the universe with frequency and consistency over the long term.  That produces the greatest pay back.  It draws opportunities to you like a powerful magnet draws iron filings.


A major discipline for success is therefor to stand guard over your attitude at all times


Attitudes can be subtle.  There are layers of attitude.  You might be smiling and speaking optimistically while underneath you are worried and insecure.  You might be effective at pretending confidence while feeling the lack of it below the surface


Your business or career can be suffering from negative marketing to the universe without you realizing it.


You can only repair the break that you are aware of.  By paying attention to how you feel, what you think, all the time, you gradually become increasingly aware of the underlying levels of marketing to the universe, the otherwise subconscious layers of attitude active within you. 


When you begin paying closer attention to your attitude you may discover that much of your life has been spent confusing your attitude with your circumstances.


When we feel insecure, it is not because of our circumstances.  It is because of our attitude toward our circumstances.  A different person can be in the same pickle that you are in and feel totally confident.


It's not your circumstances that cause your emotional suffering, but your attitudes toward your circumstances.  When you pay enough attention to your attitude you realize that when you used to think that your circumstances were making you feel badly, it was your attitude that was doing that to you.  Then, instead of feeling trapped by your circumstances you can simply improve your attitude.  Then your circumstances open up.


As you simply observe your negative message about yourself that you are broadcasting to the universe you will find that you can gently change the message.  You begin to realize that you really can succeed, you really can have what you want and the universe responds by confirming that positive attitude.


It's a common truism that “attitude is everything” but the fact is that if you are projecting a pessimistic attitude about yourself and your possibilities opposition will block opportunity, and until you improve your attitude nothing you do will change that.


Anticipating open doors of opportunity causes the universe to deliver open doors of opportunity.  Of course that may not happen right away.  You may have to go through the losses that your past negative anticipation has drawn to you.  But as you work on improving your attitude through that adversity you bring improvements about.


You market yourself effectively to the universe by expecting success through thick and thin.  The universe will buy the message that you can make it and then deliver the opportunities you need.

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