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The Missing Key To Sales And Marketing Success

Marketing Consciousness 


There is an essential element that nearly all marketing strategists overlook, and yet this single element provides all the leverage necessary for marketing success.   


I call this element, “Marketing Consciousness”, because it is all about how our state of consciousness impacts our marketing efforts, and how to align our state of consciousness with marketing success for a successful marketing campaign.


Marketing Consciousness has to do with the fact that our state of consciousness – including our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, desires and intentions - is constantly broadcasting a message that is being picked up on a conscious or subconscious level by everyone. 

As Ralph Waldo Emerson so eloquently stated, “What you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.”  In other words your state of being or state of consciousness is what really determines how people see you and respond to you at a core level.


There is a very important universal principle at work here, called the Principle of Reflection.  According to this principle, your physical conditions are really nothing but a mirror of your inner state of consciousness. 

This means, for instance, that if you are feeling like a failure you will achieve the results of a failure.  If you feel financially insecure you will find your financial condition reflecting that.  If you feel overwhelmed you will find opportunities drying up or no longer showing up.  If you feel resentful of your customers you are literally driving them away.


You can verbally articulate to the marketplace all of the great benefits your product or service offers, but if there is any way that you feel that your product or service is inadequate, unworthy or purchase or simply not that valuable, your state of consciousness must undermine your marketing and make it a waste of money.


We can accurately state that the current condition of your business is an exact reflection of the current state of your belief in the real value of doing business with you.  Until you improve your state of consciousness your business cannot improve.


You cannot fake your state. 

No amount of masking by a confident handshake or a bold promise will in any way diminish the Intrinsic Power of your Consciousness Marketing.  When you try to hide your true feelings, the message of your state comes through just the same, but with the added element of an attempt to hide the truth, which elicits distrust.


To utilize the principle of Consciousness Marketing, view your current business as an exact reflection of your inner feelings and beliefs about your business.


To the degree that you feel dissatisfied with how your business is doing, turn first to Consciousness Marketing to resolve the issue.  Recognize and clear yourself from any feelings or beliefs that express any doubt in the absolute value to the customer of doing business with you.


As you apply Consciousness Marketing to your business, your ordinary forms of marketing will demonstrate greater marketing success.


I lead business owners, professionals, marketing departments, sales teams and customer service teams through a simple, effective method for releasing the inner blocks to marketing success. 

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