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Wisdom For Wealth-Building

There are many ways to be wealthy.  Financial wealth is one way.


There are many ways to build wealth.  Savvy saving and investing represents just one strategy for wealth building.


Here are 14 ways that you can be wealthy: 

  1. Children's and spouse's health and happiness 
  2. Great relationship with your mate and children 
  3. Balanced life (one that provides you with enough time to spend where you most want to spend it) 
  4. High energy level 
  5. Lot's of talent 
  6. Positive attitude 
  7. Great aptitudes (your skills and abilities) 
  8. The freedom to do what you love for a living 
  9. Your personal health and fitness 
  10. An abundance of knowledge 
  11. An abundance of life-wisdom 
  12. A rich personal and professional network 
  13. Fulfilling your sense of purpose 
  14. Having an abundance of financial assets


Because of our materialistic culture it's easy to sacrifice too much in other areas of your wealth for financial abundance.


It's also important to realize that all of your resources are interconnected.


For instance, if you are experiencing serious marital or parenting problems, your stress level is probably having a negative impact on your attitude and your energy level.  This, in turn, lowers your performance at work.  If you're retired, it will lower your ability to make the best decisions and to live with an attitude of gratitude.  All of this negatively impacts our financial wellbeing.


To improve your financial situation, improve your relationship with your spouse and kids.


Our attitude influences our lives tremendously.  A pessimistic attitude attracts problems like a magnet.  All great achievers consistently demonstrate an optimistic attitude because optimism attracts opportunities, opens doors, makes us more attractive to other positive people.


To improve your building and preserving of wealth, improve your attitude, particularly when things are not going the way you hoped. 


Great Financial Advice Is Great


Receiving great advice from a financial advisor is essential for making the most of your money.  But this only covers one important element of wealth building and preservation.  To optimize our financial circumstances we need to avoid overlooking our other areas of wealth.


By consistently building your wealth in all 14 areas of wealth you support not only your financial goals, you enrich the quality of your life.


How you get along with your kids, the state of your health, the range of your knowledge, the level of your skills all have the ability to support you in achieving your financial goals.


Understanding this principle is a part of life-wisdom.  This should make it clear how being rich in the area of life wisdom can help you to grow richer financially. 


“Life-wisdom” means understanding how life works.  It enables you to predict what is going to happen.  It's the lesson we can gain from every experience.  For instance, if you really understand that we receive what we send out, you are motivated to adhere to integrity.

As you accrue life-wisdom it becomes clear that it is wise to cultivate a great professional network.  Cultivating a professional network of more successful and influential people helps you to be more successful and influential.


(In my article on “The Geometry of Success” I go into some of the most essential life-wisdom principles and practices for increasing success in any area of life.  That wisdom is available now in my set of CD's: Life-Success Mastery, Volume 1.)


 A good strategy for growing wealthier in the financial area certainly includes seeking out the expertise of those who know more about the world of finances than you do. 


Beyond this, go over the other 13 areas of wealth and consider how you can build those up.


As you achieve wealth in all 14 areas, you'll do more than increase your financial security and independence.  You'll grow happier and more fulfilled.


If you feel anxious over money, if you simply want to do what you can to improve your financial situation, or if you want to enrich your experience of being financially well off, engage in wealth building in all 14 areas of wealth.

Bob Lancer provides the clients of leading edge Wealth Management Firms with Total Wealth Building Seminars and Counseling.

Call 404-297-4043 to speak with Bob about complimenting your financial advisory services with his Total Wealth Building Seminars and Counseling, in support of your clients' financial security and independence and life-enrichment. 

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