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Listen Well To Your “Inner Wealth Manager”

Creating A Wealth-Sustaining Family Culture


Happiness doesn't care how rich you are, how good you look, or how old (or young) you happen to be.  To be happy, you need to feel good about yourself.  And to feel good about yourself you have to feel that you are doing the right thing.


Doing the right thing has forever been about doing for others.  Every spiritual tradition in the history of the world teaches that.  The new science of Positive Psychology teaches it.  Your own life experience teaches it.


To feel good about yourself you have to listen to your conscience.  That's the most important form of listening we can cultivate and teach our children.  

Perhaps the reason why so many parents complain that their children don't listen, so many spouses complain that their spouse doesn't listen, so many bosses complain that their employees don't listen is because these complainers are not really listening to themselves very well.


After all, we would have nothing at all to complain about if we simply “tuned in” to what good we can do right now, where we are.  Complaining does no good.  The more you complain the worse you feel and the more people do their best to ignore you.  Complaining is toxic to give and to receive.


There is a critical difference between giving constructive feedback and complaining.  Your conscience gives you constructive feedback.

Complaining portrays the complainer as a helpless, dependent victim of the situation, which deprives that individual of the resourcefulness to help him or herself.  

Giving honest, constructive feedback is a way of guiding things to a better place.  It comes from a place of confidence, compassion and strength.  It is about helping others to do better, not about making them feel worse.

We feel worse when we block out or ignore our conscience.  The message coming from our conscience does not make us feel badly.  How we respond to that message determines how we feel.


One major, insidious influence that causes people to block out the guidance of conscience is the myth that self-worth is determined by net worth.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Feelings of self-worth derive from doing the right thing, which comes down to doing good for the world.  That's all your conscience is ever really guiding you to do.

In a very serious way, financial advantage can be a hindrance to self-worth, because people expect it to do for them what it cannot do, leading them to cease "listening" for the real guide to self-worth.


While net worth does not determine self-worth, self-worth can determine net worth.

When we lack self-worth we feel undeserving of any form of good fortune bestowed upon us.  

Because human beings cannot help but live up to, or down to, their self-concept, when people feel unworthy of a gift they must consciously or subconsciously do things to sabotage their preservation of that gift.


This is how fortunes become squandered and corrode character.  This is why suddenly rich celebrities wreck their lives through unbridled attitudes of entitlement.  This is why lottery winners become so confused and end up in worse emotional and financial shape after winning the big prize.  They don't know how to manage the wealth they've been given.


Fortunately, we all really do know how to manage our advantages, our blessings, our good fortune, in ways that perpetuate them, and even grow them.  Many of us just don't know that we know.


That little voice of conscience inside you that urges you to do good for others, to focus your attention and intention on helping others in ways that your personal and financial assets are best suited to help them is your "inner wealth manager".


Essential to team building is bonding individuals to a shared vision or purpose. Effective leaders accomplish this through modeling.

In my team building work with wealthy families, particularly with wealthy parents who know that their wealth will outlive them, I help the parents model the wisdom of “inner wealth management” for their children and to relate with their children in ways that foster the carrying on of that wisdom as an intrinsic purpose for happy, healthy wealth preservation and wealth building. 

Thus, they lead their family into a team building culture characterized by an embrace of and respect for the crucial obligation to give that comes with a great fortune.


Preserving and building wealth comes down to doing good, treating others well, performing public service, making the biggest and best contribution that you can with your personal and financial assets.  

Pursuing this ideal of philanthropy fosters the  self-worth that empowers wealthy families to preserve and grow their great good fortune because they know that what they are doing with their fortune is important to others.   


To be happy and to guide your children to happiness, and to ensure that the wealth you have and that you have to pass on is sustained and even built upon, listen well to your “inner wealth manager” and teach your children to do the same.


Bob Lancer presents inspiring and enlightening Inner Wealth Management Wisdom Family Team Building Seminars and  Coaching to wealthy families, helping them to connect with their “inner wealth manager” and create a family culture that sustains and grows the family fortune through a philanthropic purpose.  

He provides this important service through his private practice and through Wealth Management Firms.  

If you would like to learn more about how to engage this service for your family or to provide this valuable service through your firm, call 404-297-4043 or email to connect with Bob directly.

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