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Discover The Wealth Of Wisdom

Would you rather be wealthier (in the financial sense of having more money) or wiser? Think seriously about this serious question.  Don't most people think they're wise enough, and therefore think that what they really need is more money to be happier?

And yet, what would all the monetary wealth in the world be worth without the wisdom to lead your life along the path that's truly right for you?

Financial Wealth in and of itself doesn't lead you anywhere and doesn't do a thing for you.  How you respond to whatever measure of wealth you possess produces wealth's impact upon you.  Do you respond wisely to the amount of wealth that you have? 

Wisdom, as a matter of fact, guides you to wealth in all of its forms, including all the money you really want and need,  inner peace, love, energy, emotional security, health, sanity, great relationships, spiritual fulfillment, work success and purpose, knowledge worth knowing, skills and aptitudes, and true happiness.  Wisdom is good choice-making.

Wisdom and profits go together.


Wisdom is all about profiting.  It guides you along profitable paths in life and in business and away from pathways that would lead to needless loss.

Wisdom and inner peace go together.  Stressful states obliterate wisdom's subtle presence.  Wisdom guides you into stress relief

Wisdom guides you to relate harmoniously with one and all.  Wisdom does not guide you into conflict.  It guides you into conflict resolution because conflict wastes energy and wisdom is all about making the best possible use of every ounce of energy that exists.

Everyone is wealthy.


Wisdom can be described as conscious and creative wealth building, wealth maintenance, wealth employment and wealth enjoyment.

Everyone has some degree of wealth, and, as has been stated, there are many forms of wealth.  

You have some degree of the wealth of: 

  • financial abundance 
  • health and vigor
  • great relationships
  • time
  • talent
  • drive
  • purposefulness
  • freedom of choice
  • initiative
  • understanding of how to live your life (wisdom)
  • imaginativeness
  • rationality
  • personal charm
  • beauty in your physical appearance and surroundings
  • inspiration
  • joy  
  • awareness

You possess some degree of wealth in all of these forms. Possessing even one penny is some degree of monetary wealth.

To be wise is to make the very best of all of the wealth you have.


Use your power of determinative thinking.


Wisdom works through the practice of deliberately directed determinative thinking.  Determinative thinking refers to the influence that thought has to determine what happens.

When you conceive of yourself being stuck in a frustrating condition of lack, loss or limitation you determine that very undesirable condition to be.  You begin experiencing it as your reality. 

Use your power of determinative thinking more wisely than that.

Wisdom and awareness go together.


To improve any condition you first must be aware of it.  Then you can see how to improve it.  By paying attention to what you are thinking and to the influence of your thinking upon your experience you can see how to use your power of thought more wisely to determine a better outcome, and you will.

The problem is that we think we are aware enough, just like we think we are wise enough, so we blame others or our circumstances or our "bad luck" for our problems.  What we need more of than any other form of wealth is more of the wealth of awareness, because awareness reveals higher wisdom's guiding light.

Only as we see more of what we are doing can me make more of what we really want through our doing.

The more self-aware you are the better you direct the inner forces that direct your life's courses.

To the extent that you feel unhappy, un-wealthy, or deprived in any way, all you really need more of is self-awareness to see how you are determining those unpleasant conditions to be.  Awareness awakens wisdom and wisdom always leads you on a higher path from here.

Emotional self-management equals wealth management.

There is a direct correlation between your emotional self-management and your wealth management.  Chaotic emotional reactions spinning out of your control create mayhem in all areas of life, including physical health problems, relationship strife, and business and financial troubles. 

We usually think of our circumstances as the cause of our emotional reactions, but wisdom teaches us that our emotional reactions cause our circumstances to match their pattern.  In other words, chaotic emotions produce chaotic situations.

Feel poor, stuck, constrained, insecure and those distressing emotional states form conditions that reflect and reinforce them.  Respond to losses as catastrophic and you make them worse.  Relate with difficulties as mere speed bumps that you need to ease up and slow down for and you can pass through them essentially unscathed.

Be pro-responsive rather than con-reactive.

To be wise is to find your inner way into feeling truly rich with life's blessings, because that is how you truly want to feel, and because that harmonious feeling state forms conditions that corroborate them. 

Wealth is born of wisdom, and to be wise is to be pro-responsive rather than con-reactive.  Pro-responsiveness means deliberately responding to what is happening in ways that work for you.

To be con-reactive means emotionally reacting to an event in a way that makes things worse, like responding to a negative fluctuation in the stock market as a bad thing.  All that ever really happens is that opportunity changes its form, but reacting to something as bad blinds us to the opportunities it presents, which is anything but wise.

 Choose your attitude.

Your attitude toward life is not a given.  You have some degree of conscious control over it, whether you exercise that control or not.  If you automatically accept your attitude as necessary, you become its slave.

If you are not aware enough you will confuse your attitude toward life with life as it really is.  A negative attitude blinds one to the positive possibilities.  When you feel depressed, discouraged or anxious about life it is not because you really know what life truly is; it is because your attitude toward life is waxing negative.

To be wise is to become more clearly aware of what your attitude is telling you about life, so that you can take it or leave it not take or leave your life, but take or leave your attitude toward your life.

Attitudes are self-fulfilling prophecies.  A wise attitude is free of negativity toward any person, place, thing or event.  Whatever the person, place, thing or event, it does you no good to make yourself suffer from a negative attitude toward it.

A wise attitude is a wealth-building attitude.

A wealth-building attitude is essentially fearless, because fear is born of presuming that something negative has happened, is happening, will happen, or even can happen.  All we really know about life is what we think is going on.  But what happens when we drop thoughts that give us negative feelings about life?

When you really think about why you want wealth, you realize that all you really want wealth for is to experience the fearlessness that you crave deep down inside.  And to be fearless is to be wise.  Wisdom knows what to do, so it has nothing to fear.

Fear comes from presuming that you may lack what it takes to adequately take whatever life may bring to you, that you can be crushed by life's possibilities.  To be wise is to drop such pointless presumptions about yourself, to not identify with any thought of yourself that portrays you as inadequate, inferior or weak in any essential way.

True fearlessness is the ultimate wealth of wisdom and we attain it by letting go of the negative ideas of life and of ourselves that promote fear. 

Another way of saying all of this is that when you discover the wealth of wisdom you understand that true wealth, wisdom and faith are really one.

Enhance the value of your wealth management firm by providing your clients and prospects with an enlightening seminar on the relationship between emotional self-management and wealth management.  Enhance portfolios with the wealth of wisdom! 

Enlightening and inspiring team building for your wealth management team along these lines empowers them to serve your clients with more wisdom and to work together with more meaningful collaboration.  

Call me, Bob Lancer, at 770-374-9580 or email me to discuss how you can bring a richer paradigm into your financial advisory services.

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