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Positive Team Attitude Building

This article is about equipping groups and teams with attitude-power.

Attitude-power has to do with harnessing the power of a positive attitude and understanding how and why to harness that power.

When groups and teams are equipped with attitude-power, they feel more energized and confident, they demonstrate a higher level of teamwork and interpersonal consideration for one another.  Individually and collectively they perform at higher levels.

So why are so many work teams struggling with interpersonal bickering, low morale, poor communication and unhappiness in the workplace?

Providing work-teams with the knowledge of how and why to take charge of their attitude is obviously lacking and being overlooked by leadership.  Everyone is expected to perform and not to let emotions get in the way of that.  But that is not happening.

When a team clearly understands how their attitude impacts them, and not just on a work performance level, but in the way that life unfolds before them, there is the beginning of a possible shift.

Attitude, stated simply, means everything, and what is really exciting about that fact is that attitude is something that we each have total control over when we know how to exercise that control.

But before we will make the effort to take charge of our attitude, we need the motivation to do so.  That motivation is ignited as we clearly see the positive consequences of a positive attitude and the negative consequences of a negative attitude.

Clear understanding of these consequences helps us break out of negative attitude inertia.

So what are the consequences of a negative attitude? First of all, all of your unhappiness comes from your attitude.  Your attitude determines how happy or how sorrowful you feel.

If you have an optimistic attitude about your future you will feel happy. A pessimistic attitude causes unhappiness.

So what prevents teams from living in a perpetual state of high optimism?

Believing that our attitude is dependent upon our circumstances keeps us trapped in negative attitudes and in the circumstances that reinforce them. this is negative attitude inertia.

One needs to feel enthused, encouraged, and confident to shape thoughts into clear goals.  That boost in morale or positive energy is what it takes to form positive thoughts.

When an individual or team feels a lack of enthusiasm, when morale is low, when feelings of frustration or discouragement are running the show, those negative emotional states plunge the mind into negative expectations, worry, and visions of disappointment, betrayal and even humiliation.

We need to get into a positive emotional state to get into a positive mental state.

Attitudes not only determine the thoughts that occur to us; they also determine the situations that come our way.

Positive attitudes attract opportunity, influence the universe to support our aims and purposes.  Negative attitudes set into motion a chain of events that reflect our negativity and seem to verify it.

As important as is an individual's attitude, the attitude of a team is even more important because the collective attitude is greater than the sum of the individual team members.

The attitude of the team as a whole can lift up each individual to greater heights of joy and accomplishment, even health, than any individual member can achieve alone.

The attitude progress of one individual team member makes it easier for every other team member to attain and maintain a more positive attitude.

We cannot achieve team harmony by blaming other members for its absence, and the same applies to improving team spirit or team attitude.

As each individual accepts total responsibility for the state of his and her attitude a first important step is being made toward improving the team's over-all attitude, providing more positive support to every team member.

In my keynote speaking I not only lift the audience into a more positive attitude, I provide the means for them to continue to improve their attitude themselves. I share a whole new, fresh perspective on raising the altitude of our attitude.

To schedule a motivating inspirational keynote or discuss your needs, and to receive a free attitude improvement coaching session over the phone or via Skype, call 770-364-9580 or e-mail.

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