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Be An Inspired Performance Company

Consistently achieve and maintain higher levels of workforce performance and morale with… 

Bob Lancer's Inspired Performance 

Whole Company Consulting

What is an Inspired Performance Company

It's a company made up of inspired workers who are growing as individuals and as teams. 

It's an organization of team mates who love their jobs, their team mates, their leadership and their clients. 

It's a company that outperforms uninspired companies!


Bob Lancer's Inspired Performance Whole Company Consulting is a unique and uniquely effective way to recharge and sustain higher levels of inspired performance at every level of your organization.


Why is inspiration important in YOUR workplace?

Because an inspired workplace is a happier workplace, and a happier workplace is a higher performing workplace.


... Inspired workforces inspire prospects to become customers.

... They inspire customers to buy more.

... They inspire customers to remain customers longer and to refer more business to you.



It involves Bob Lancer spending as much as one or two days each week (depending upon the size of your workforce) in your workplace, providing individual life-work coaching sessions and weekly or monthly team building lunch-&-learns to key personnel and departments throughout the day.  

The Outcomes Include:

... a reduction in frustration and stress in the workplace

... enhanced employee engagement in work-tasks

... improved teamwork and communication

... a general rise in workplace harmony, productivity, creativity and joy


It Produces Inspired Performers Who:

…“Go the extra mile” on their own initiative

… Access and express higher talent

… Demonstrate commitment to their own self-growth

… Pursue excellence from their own inner drive and passion

… Love what they do, where they work and who they work for

… Inspire higher performance from those around them

… Regard their job-description as job-benefits

… Express appreciation and support one another


To be an inspired worker is to be a happy worker. Helping people to be happier at work helps them to do better at work. In happiness we perform better than in unhappiness.

Bob Lancer's Inspired Performance Whole Company Consulting helps workforces tap into and remain connected with their inspiration by providing individual coaching-sessions throughout the day and motivational weekly or monthly lunch-&-Learns that focus on self-growth and team building topics that include:

… Internal Keys To Peak Performance 

… Emotional Intelligence for a pro-active approach to challenges

… Astute, Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

… Clear Communication Skills (for fewer communication breakdowns)

… Business Development Strategies, Skills and Strengths (Including A Powerful Networking System)

… Marketing Strategy and Copywriting Effectiveness

… Life-balance skills for peace at home (supporting focus at work)

… Time Mastery – for making the most of each moment

… Enhanced Customer-Service (read: "Customer Loyalty") Skills, including Delightfully dealing with difficult customers, stress-relief, anger-defusion, inspiration sharing and turning rude customers into pleasanter people.

… Goal-Setting and Goal Achievement for higher performance and positive energy.

… Self-Awareness and Accountability Leadership Development (For Executives, Sales Professionals, and Customer Service Personnel)

… Stress Management and Interpersonal Harmony skills for improved team spirit, teamwork and team productivity.

… Emotional Skills for Self-Sustaining Motivation, Positive Attitude, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Emotional Resilience.

... How to succeed without drama or crisis.


Bob Lancer is a Workplace Experience Expert, bringing more awareness, higher spirits and improved focus into the workplace.  

Why is your employees' Workplace Experience Essential?  Because those businesses dubbed by employees as among "The best places to work" are also the most successful workplaces. 

As the individual members of your workforce grow to fulfill their higher potential, your business grows to fulfill its higher potential.  Bob Lancer is a personal growth facilitator.

To learn more about this unique way to serve your workforce for higher company performance, call 404-297-4043 (M-770-364-9580) or email for a free diagnostic conversation to see how these services may best be tailored to suit your needs.

“The essential element for supporting and boosting your company's operational and financial excellence is inspiring your workforce, because an inspired workforce outperforms an uninspired workforce. Avoid the common mistake of relying too heavily on "perspiration" and not enough on inspiration. Don't take inspiration for granted.  Nurture it.”  Bob Lancer

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