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How To Create A Peak Performance Workplace

 Improve The Workplace Experience

Because there IS a correlation between workplace experience and worker performance, a real X-Factor for a peak performing workforce lies in the quality of the workforce's workplace eXperience. 


Companies that rate as “best places to work” by their employees consistently demonstrate the highest levels of operational and financial performance in their industry.


Companies who strive to do better understand the need to focus on improving “Customer or Client Experience”.


All too often, however, the foundation of customer or client experience is overlooked.  That foundation is the workplace experience of the business' workforce.


Many organizations understand the concept of treating their employees as their “most important customers”.  And yet, how consistently do employees genuinely feel that their organization relates with them that way?


In the relatively rare instances where the quality of the workers' workplace experience is high, we find company profits and other performance indicators high as well, including higher attraction and retention rates of talented people, a growing customer base and increased customer loyalty and referral rates. There are important declines that show up as well, including lower employee turn over rates and lower employee healthcare costs.


The highest performers are less motivated by the promise of external rewards than they are by the intrinsic drive to demonstrate their greatest potential and to achieve their utmost.  A positive workplace experience fuels that inner drive.


In fact, talented professionals often choose workplaces that provide more autonomy and a feeling of being genuinely cared about over a more stifling spiritual environment that would pay them a larger salary.  

The bottom line is that while financial compensation does impact employee performance, higher pay alone is not enough to attract and to keep the best talent, nor is it sufficient to bring out the best in a workforce.


Following are 20 essential “ingredients” of a positive workplace experience, one that attracts and keeps the best talent and harnesses the full potential and passion of its workforce:


1… Caring – Workers need to feel truly cared about by their leader(s).


2… Upward Mobility – Workers need to see opportunities to rise into higher levels of influence, accomplishment and autonomy.


3… Collaboration – Workers need to feel a sense of collaborating in decisions that impact them and their work; ie: they understand the “why” behind the policies and procedures of the organization and of the tasks expected of them (see #14).


4… Channeled Autonomy – Workers need to feel that they can express themselves and their creativity, follow their own sense of judgment and demonstrate initiative to make important choices and decisions, within reasonable guidelines; ie: they need to feel autonomous (as opposed to micromanaged) within a prescribed framework that they understand and agree with.


5… Right Fit – Workers need to feel placed in positions where their special gifts, talents and passions can be most fully utilized and developed.


6… Contribution – Workers need to feel that they are making a meaningful contribution to the mission and goals of the organization as well as to the interest of the greater community that they serve.


7… Transparency – Workers need to feel that they basically know what is going on, who's in charge, what the plan is; ie: they do NOT feel in dark or shut out from the “elite club” and “occult knowledge” of decision-makers.


8… Conducive Environment – Workers need to feel that the physical space in which they work supports their sense of being valued and is conducive to their highest individual and collective (team) performance.


9… Training and Development – Workers need to feel that they have the opportunity to develop and apply new knowledge and skills that will enable them to be more effective and to contribute more of value to the organization.


10… Feeling Valued – Workers need to feel that their abilities and contributions are recognized and appreciated.


11… Feeling Secure – Workers need to feel secure rather than threatened and insecure (directly connected with #10) regarding their jobs. In this regard, leaders need to avoid imposing too much urgency in an effort to spark peak performance.


12… Work-Life Balance – Workers need to feel that they have enough time to maintain order in their personal lives; ie: they do not have to sacrifice a healthy personal and family life for job security.


13… Generous Compensation – While money alone is not enough for a peak-performing workforce, workers do need to feel well paid for their efforts. “Well paid” is, of course, subjective; but individual workers who feel underpaid will also feel unmotivated, disgruntled, and dejected.  (Therefore, leadership should hire individuals who feel impressed and pleased by the financial compensation package, even if they know they could make more money elsewhere, and avoid hiring individuals who feel underwhelmed by it.)


14… Real Work Assignments – Workers need to perceive the real value in the work expected from them, as opposed to feeling that they are being assigned tasks for the sake of “keeping them busy” or just “getting more out of them”. (See #3)


15… Fairness in the Workplace – Workers need to feel that they are treated fairly by leadership; ie: they do not perceive favoritism.


16… Team Harmony and Team Spirit – Workers need to feel a general sense of being cared about by one another, and relate with one another in a genuinely supportive, respectful and honest manner. (See #1)


17… Inspired by the Mission - Workers need to feel inspired by the mission or stand of the organization; ie: the organization's mission needs to be known and understood by all members of the workforce and to capture their inspiration as a meaningful calling.


18… Accountability – Workers need to perceive themselves functioning in a culture of accountability rather than one of blaming and finger-pointing. 


19… Communication – Workers need to feel that they can speak openly and honestly “up and down the chain of command” without fear of being penalized for expressing their thoughtful opinions and legitimate concerns.


20… Joy and Optimism – Workers need to feel a general atmosphere of joy and optimism in the workplace.


In my highly motivating Team Building Lunch-and-Learns I help work teams become aware of what they can do to bring more of these “ingredients” into their Workplace Experience, to inspire their peak performance and improve the quality of their daily work experience.  


In my Whole Company Consulting, I work with both leadership and with team members throughout the organization to help them resolve any life or work issues that may be impeding their positive workplace performance, and to assist them in experiencing more of the essential “ingredients” for peak workplace performance. 

To enhance the quality of the workplace experience for the peak performance of your work team, call 404-297-4043 or email to discuss your questions, interests and needs with Bob Lancer.

Bob Lancer's Great Team Building Lunch-and-Learns bring inspiration to teams and are great ways to help them feel truly valued and cared about.  

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