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Team Building For Coping With Change

                              Conquering The Challenges Of Change

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Providing your workforce with regular, excellent motivational seminars aimed at building teams is one of the great success secrets for empowering employees for masterfully managing change.

Here is one of the many team building exercises you might find in a motivational seminar, for creating more harmonious, cohesive, cooperative and mutually supportive work-teams in the midst of change.

The motivational speaker / seminar leader has the audience break up into small groups.

Each group is then assigned to perform a simple task, like building paper airplanes. 

Each member of the group is then instructed to make certain that his/her airplane is in some way different from every other airplane in his/her group.

A follow-up activity for developing strength for coping with change is to instruct each individual to make another plane that is radically different from his or her first one.

Team Building Exercises like this one stretch patience and flexibility, helping team mates adjust to the demands of managing change.

To make such Team Building Exercises even more practical, have each group work on solving an actual work-problem or challenge faced by the group.

For instance, they might have to work on the problem of following rules: how to get more compliance, less resistance.

The objective of the group is to come up with 3 different strategies for accomplishing this.The purpose of this exercise is to help the team become more flexible in their thinking as they devise alternative approaches.

Facing change is really a permanent condition.  The one thing that you can know for sure is that life will soon be pushing you out of your comfort zone, causing you to contend with some form of transformation.

By reminding yourself AND your team on a routine basis that things will change, you can help the entire workforce with stress-management when the time for managing change occurs.

Without adequate preparation involving building workforce flexibility, the stress incited by the realization that change is in the works causes increasing conflict within the team.  

And as interpersonal conflict increases, team work, morale, and individual performance decrease.

Conflict resolution is essential for the team to fulfill its great potential.

A major cause of interpersonal conflict is poor stress-management in response to the pressures of coping with change.

Just as work-team success requires getting along with one another, it also requires getting along with CHANGE.

So another part of motivational seminars aimed at helping a team develop the abilities to go through changes well ought to include developing the ability to manage stress well.

Stress is often connected with negative thinking.  And one particular kind of thinking that causes stress to build is negative anticipation.

The reality is that all change happens for the better.  

We cause ourselves stress by anticipating that a change will be difficult, and by worrying that things may be headed into a less desirable condition.

Bringing in a motivational speaker to boost the confidence of your employees is one way to avoid or diminish excessive workplace stress.

But to keep the level of confidence high, every team leader and team member should be trained in motivational speaking.

When you are speaking about managing change, like following new rules, anticipate that everything is going to be getting better.

Refuse to dwell in worrisome thoughts about the ways that conditions may worsen.

Direct your thinking to contemplate the ways that you would love things to improve as a result of the change.

Speak with confidence and even with inspiration about the great opportunities brought about by the changes.

Support your team's skills for coping with change: Schedule a motivating team development seminar or motivational speaker event.

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