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Montessori Wisdom For Adults

How We Adults Can Apply Montessori Wisdom To Succeed and Achieve a Happier, Higher Performing Workplace

10 Montessori “Commandments” for Liberating the Human Potential

  1.      Don't Raise Children To Do As They Are Told
  2.      The Law of Association / The Law of 3 = 1
  3.      Developing the Attention – A Cure for ADD
  4.      Observation: Disclosing All Secrets
  5.       Freedom for Self-Discipline: “I'd rather do it myself!”
  6.       The Self-Creative Environment
  7.       The Joy of Work / the Sacredness of the Workplace
  8.       Self-Correction – Learning from Attention, Reflection and Accountability (Unconscious experience is a bald man's comb)
  9.        The Power of Self-Respect (Dignity)
  10.         Following Ourselves: Listening to Our Calling


1.  Don't raise children to do as they are told.  Raise them to make great decisions for themselves, even when there is no one there to tell them what to do, and when there is someone telling them to do something inappropriate or too dangerous.  We can apply this wisdom by taking total responsibility for every choice that we make, and by developing our awareness to be more aware of the choices we are making.


2.  Maria taught us that during the first six years the child's personality and character are formed as a reflection of the influences surrounding him/her.  We can call this “The Law of Association”.  Throughout our lives we are impacted by this law.  We become like those we hang out with! Let us choose whom we associate with, and for how long, remembering this important law.


3.  Our most fundamental power is the power of our attention.  In the first six years the child is hard at work developing mastery of this power.  Each time we distract the child from any constructive activity he/she is engaged in, like moving hot wheels cars about or sharing a tea cup with a doll, we impede this development.  For ourselves, when we divide our attention we diminish its clarity and depth and make errors as a result.  Practice “being present where you are”.


4.  Maria Montessori taught us that by simply observing the child, the secrets of how to truly serve that child are revealed. We can employ this in our adult relationships as leaders and managers, sales people, customer service representatives, in our administrative team building and even in our marriage to release the greater potential in these relationships. Practice being more calmly conscious of the person you are with to improve your way of relating with that person.


5. Maria talked about freeing the child for self-discipline rather than imposing discipline on the child.  We provide this freedom by giving the child responsibility for his/her conduct and avoiding micro-managing.  As we apply this in all of our relationships we free others from feeling stifled by our over-control.


6.  Montessori taught that the environment needs to be geared for the child's self-development.  This was considered in the context of the child's sensitivity to order. Children naturally thrive in orderly environments and orderly routines. We adults can gear our environment for personal development to call forth our higher inclinations and ignite our higher aspirations by creating environments of order, harmony, beauty and awareness.


7.  Montessori taught us that children are happiest when they are engaged in constructive work that takes their development to the next level.  We adults can benefit from remembering that it is creating and not consuming that is the secret of happiness. 


8.  Montessori materials are designed to permit the child to “self-correct” from experience, rather than relying on a teacher to tell him/her whether the problem was worked out successfully.  This prepares the child to learn from experience.  As we reflect on any situation or problem, we can see how what we did led to what happened, and learn from the experience for “self-correction”.  This involves accepting total accountability for the conditions in which we find ourselves.


9.  The Montessori teacher is trained to maintain his/her aura of dignity or self-respect at all times.  This models for the children more than appropriate classroom decorum.  It also prepares them to make choices that demonstrate self-respect throughout their lives.  As we practice relating with ourselves as worthy of respect (instead of “beating ourselves up”) we make choices that honor our true needs and fulfill our greater potential.


10.  Montessori taught that the child is guided from within along the path of authentic, whole self-development.  As the child is set free to follow his/her internal, authentic self-direction guidance system, the child experiences true joy.  We adults can learn to recognize that same inner “beam” of authentic-self guidance, leading us into our continuing self-growth, and find true joy in the process.


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