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Create A Psychologically Green Environment In The Workplace

It pays to create a psychologically green environment in the workplace.  There are significant costs related to a toxic work atmosphere.

Green is not just for the external environment.  It's for the internal environment as well.  A toxic atmosphere in the workplace not only poisons attitudes, it lowers performance and costs the company at the bottom line level.

Negativity in the workplace is toxic.  It saps the workplace of energy that could go into productivity.  It saps the workplace of passion that could go into initiative and “going the extra mile”.  It radiates into the marketplace, is picked up by prospective customers, and turns them off.

Negativity emanating from leadership trickles down throughout the organization. 

There are “anti-toxins” that can transform negativity into positivity.  The first is accountability.  Even when we are being micromanaged, under-acknowledged, or treated as less capable than we truly are, we can respond to that constructively instead of destructively.

Of course no one wants to have to deal with a negative person, but it happens.  Our relationships with others are reflections of our relationship with ourselves.  By improving our response to negativity we lose our negativity and soon find ourselves in more positive relationships with others.

Examine the quality of your reaction to the other's actions.  For instance, what are you talking about?  Are you talking about what you don't like, what you don't want?  Talking about what you do not like and do not want actually brings more of it to you.

Whatever you focus your attention on expands.  Use those instances when you do not like the treatment you are receiving to exercise and thereby strengthen your power to remain focused on what you want, on the way you want things to be.  You will soon see opportunities for contributing to the outcome you want and for avoiding the outcome you don't want.

When you react with anger you are focusing on what you do not want and wishing it would go away, which it cannot do as long as you remain focused on it.  You hold onto whatever you hold your attention on.

We actually live in our minds when we think we live in the outer world.  You are living in your thoughts.  How do you think about the people you work for and work with?  Your thoughts give you an experience.  You give yourself the experience that you think about.

When you learn that you cannot count on someone to be reasonable, or even sane, stop counting on getting those qualities from that source.  Avoid counting on those you cannot count on.

Focus on what you want to experience.  Notice how your responses to what happens impact you.  When you react with insecurity, frustration, resentment, disappointment you are giving yourself those emotional experiences.  The challenges in the workplace give you the opportunity to develop the self-mastery that empowers you to live a more positive life.

If the toxicity of your workplace so encroaches upon your freedom that you feel there is no way for you to live a healthy life within that context, then it's obviously time for you to go.  But don't come to this conclusion hastily.  

Give yourself time to clarify the real cause of how you are feeling.  Are you making yourself miserable in response to a difficult situation, or is it really impossible for you to function well where you are?

Practice a green culture in your workplace, even if it is your last day there.  Look out for the psychological toxins like jealousy, insecurity, frustration, resentment, vindictiveness, ego-tripping, selfishness, haste, tension, discouragement, condemnation, criticalness and impatience.  

As you root these out of your own daily pattern you emit pure, healthy energies into the workplace.  You contribute your share to the green environment that permits the people in that environment to flourish, and you yourself will flourish.

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