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Motivating Workforce Engagement Team Building Tips

 A primary objective in building a team is achieving the full workforce engagement.

Engaging employees fully means that workers apply their highest levels of SELF-employment including their:

  • Focus
  • Effort
  • Team-work interaction skills
  • Particular job skills
  • Motivation

Motivating Workforce Engagement / Team Building Tips: 

Since we can ENDLESSLY develop the elements of professional engagement, achieving a fully engaged workforce includes providing your professional work-team with: 

  • The opportunity to develop their abilities through professional development training 
  • The motivational leadership that inspires the individual team members to pursue their ongoing professional development

To inspire their team-members to pursue ongoing development, team leaders must consistently demonstrate their own ongoing dedication to bringing a higher level of their own potential to work.

The members of a team are prone to mental and emotional distraction from the job they have been hired to do when team leaders appear to:

  • Indulge in petty, interpersonal rivalries
  • And / or seem more focused on protecting their power than on applying that power as well as possible

Also, avoid the common misconception that raising performance levels equals nothing more than demanding that your team work harder.

Demanding that your team works longer and harder may actually undermine the team's ability to remain fully engaged.

Driving a team too hard, too long, under stressful pressure wears away at team-concentration and incites employee resistance to full engagement.

To get the very BEST out of your team, honor your team's human limitations.  A healthy, happy team can give more than an unhealthy, unhappy team.

Along this line, another key factor is to demonstrate the motivational leadership that SPARKS a high-level SELF-employment.

Every human being is motivated by the urge to do excellent work.  

One way that motivating leaders stimulate this urge in team members is through motivational speaking during communications with the team.

Motivating Workforce Engagement / Team Building Tips:
To employ motivational speaking in your team leadership, when communicating with team members remember that your objective is to help them to:
  • To believe in their abilities
  • To appreciate themselves and one another
  • To feel inspired about the results of their best work
  • To feel a burning desire to bring their highest level of self-employment to work
  • To feel motivated to work on their own professional development

A team leader supports higher levels of employee engagement by providing the team with excellent motivational seminars that:
  • Inspire the pursuit of higher  levels of individual performance
  • Develop interpersonal (team work) skills 
  • Develop enhanced individual work-skills

Here are a few more Motivational Tips to keep in mind:

  • Develop YOUR ability to NEVER take a team member's conduct personally.   
  • When the team's leadership pursues a track of "personal revenge" aimed at a team member, the team leader is no longer fully engaged in a constructive way.
  • The influence of this petty, overly-personal, unprofessional form of self-conduct undermines the goal of achieving the workforce's full engagement. 

While a team's leader mentally churns over an overly personal, emotional reaction to a team member's conduct, THAT TEAM LEADER IS NOT FULLY ENGAGED IN HIS OR HER JOB.

When the team leader is being distracted from his job because he is overly involved in his personal (rather than his professional) agenda, he is using his power to protect his power, rather than to further the objective of the organization.  This represents a form of MIS-leadership that works AGAINST team cohesion, engagement and performance.   

As the team's leader models full engagement of his or her own forces, the leader effectively models that mode of self-conduct for the team, which leads the team toward full ever higher levels of workforce engagement. 
For a more fully engaged work-team, schedule a motivating team development seminar or motivational speaker event.

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