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Who And What Makes Great Teams Happen

The Team Building Wisdom Of Being Fun At Work

Every single one of us can benefit tremendously from a great team: people working together for a common cause, coordinating their talents, intelligence and passion with the unified aspiration of top performance, top service, top referrals and top financial results.

Great teams provide another benefit: extremely satisfying interpersonal relationships.  The quality of bonding among teammates when camaraderie is at its peak may actually be among the most satisfying human experiences.  When team spirit is high in a workplace, the workers are most engaged, productive, happy and healthy.

The question to ask for making a great team is not just what makes a great team happen, but who.

While the leader of the team bears most of the responsibility, every individual on the team determines how great the team turns out to be.

How we respond to what happens, how we respond to one another, impacts each and every one of us and how we work together as a team.

Great teammates want to have fun working together and they work in a way that honors that desire.  They maintain their sense of humor, a playful and optimistic attitude, and a compassionate attitude toward fellow team members.

Why do great team players want to have fun?  Because:

  • Having fun together is bonding.
  • Having fun together is uplifting.
  • Having fun together unleashes the ultimate power and potential in each one of us.¬†

When the team is having fun in their work they are experiencing the kind of high that a great band of musicians experiences when creating harmoniously and spontaneously together.

Teams stop having fun when they fall into interpersonal strife.  Similarly, teams tend toward strife when they stop having fun.  No one is having fun when conflict arises.  People feel frustrated and resentful.  These negative emotions drain motivation and sap energy.  The team becomes disengaged with their work, with one another, with their leader and with their customer.

The one who sets the tone for the team is its leader.  If the leader is not having fun, the team loses inspiration.  The enemy of fun is fear.  When the leader becomes anxious he or she over-reacts to mistakes and delays. 

How we react to what happens determines how effective we are in dealing with what happens.  The more effective you are, the better your results.

When things go awry in the workplace the leader needs to remember that the right response produces the right result.  You can blame someone for what went wrong but that may not be the response that raises performance.  In fact, it probably never is.


We function best when we are having fun.  By maintaining an optimistic, even a playful attitude, the leader keeps the workplace light, demonstrates his or her own best, and, by instilling joy in the workplace, inspires, releases and harnesses the best from the team.

Great teams are ultimately the product of great leadership.  And great leadership is great at self-leadership.   

How the leader responds to what happens determines the quality of the leadership.  Note that last statement.  It is not the results that the leader achieves, but the response to results that determines how effective, and therefore how successful, the leader and, by extension, his or her team becomes.

When you respond effectively, the results take care of themselves.


Fun is the basis for effective responding. Calm, confident, light-hearted responses produce the best results and permit the kind of team bonding that really engages the workforce. 

Every team member really needs to practice having fun at work, not just the leader.  While the leader has the most impact on the team, each team member is accountable for the quality of response that he or she brings to the team. This is a secret for being a great team player.

Great teams are led by leaders and made up of team players that accept responsibility for having fun at work, and for being fun at work. 

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