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Love In The Joy Of Oneness

I am in love in the joy of oneness.


We are all one.  You are an extension of me and I am an extension of you.  The way that I perceive you is a way that I perceive the extension of me that you are.  To feel compassion for you is to feel compassion for me.  How I relate to you is how I relate to me.  I therefore want to relate lovingly and respectfully toward you.  You and I are one.


Experiencing this oneness turns relationships into fulfilling and satisfying experiences.  There is no separation, no competition and no conflict.  There is just a harmonious flow of loving energy being shared between us.


I find that when I compassionately relate to "others" as extensions of myself I receive compassion back from "them". 

I can't be dishonest with another without being dishonest with myself, and I certainly don't want to deceive myself about anything.


Oneness is a feeling experience.  Living in that feeling means that I am as young as the newborn infant and as aged as the oldest elder I meet.  It means that I am as beautiful as the most stunning, as deformed as the most life-mangled. I am the vibrantly vital and the living corpse. 

My body resonates with the fitness of the top athlete and my spirit contends with the constraints of the wheelchair bound. 

I enjoy all of the opportunities and stresses of the wealthiest and the plights and freedoms of the poorest.  I occupy the White House and I live in the streets.  I am the hero and the criminal, the genius and the insane.  I am me and I am you.


I am my teacher and I am my teacher's student.  I am my child's parent and I am my child. I am me loving my beloved and I am my beloved. 


Oneness extends beyond human relations.  My body is the rocks and the trees, the sun and the moon and every star in the heavens.  It is the grass and the flowers, the mountains, beaches and streams.  It is the polluted cities.  My animal nature is shared by every animal I encounter.  I am the hawk, the mouse, the spider, the whale and the guppy.


In oneness I love all, or would deprive myself of love.  And as I love all I experience myself loved by all.  There is no one to condemn without being condemned.  There is only everyone to love, honor and accept.


I am the whole universe.  I am the writer of these words and I am you the reader of them.  I am these words.


There is no one to fear, no one to resent; there are only extensions of myself to love in the joy of oneness.

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