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Let Go Of Thought To Live A Free Life

A free life is what we all crave.  We all want to feel free all of the time.  It's our nature to feel free.


But what we do to get free prevents us from experiencing the beautiful freedom that is available to us right now.


To get free of our problems, obligations and responsibilities we hold onto thoughts about them. 

But that always backfires because it essentially means that we are trying to set ourselves free by holding onto control.  


The sense of failure and powerlessness that follows places us in conflict with ourselves. We put ourselves down for our inability to achieve the results we are after.

We then commonly slip into the defense mechanism of negative, critical thinking and speaking of others.


Putting others down is always defensive.  We engage in it in reaction to our own unconscious critical thought of ourselves.


We  cast aspersion onto others in a vain effort to free ourselves of the aspersion we cast onto ourselves.

This, of course, fails to free us from the pain of our personal attack upon ourselves.


The way to freedom is to let go of our self-imposed imprisonment in control-based thinking.

We imprison ourselves in painful thinking when we don't realize that we are thinking. So in order to set ourselves free we first must be aware enough to realize that we are thinking for control.   


To develop this awareness, remain alertly vigilant to notice whenever you are giving your attention to thought.

From that awareness you can then let go of self-hurting thought and set yourself free.  you can shift your attention from a focus on thought to a focus on feelings. You can focus on the feeling of the free flow of life within you.   

That feeling is harmonious, loving and joyful.  The more you hold your attention on that feeling the stronger it grows.


As your feeling of harmony, love and joy grow you lose the urge to cast aspersion onto anyone.  On the contrary, you feel inspired to express loving appreciation in support of everyone, because we always want to share what we feel.


And based on the principle that we receive what we give, you will find people expressing more loving appreciation in support of you in return.

What is going on in your life is never the cause of emotional pain.  The cause is holding onto a thought in an effort to control your life, placing you at odds with life's flow. 

Whatever you want freedom from is really just a thought!


When we stop trying to control life with thought we can feel the free flow of life within us and experience the love, joy and appreciation of everything being under perfectly beautiful control.


Living in thought-free awareness of the feeling of life flowing freely within us gives us the free life we crave so deeply, and which we are really designed to live.

And based on the principle that our circumstances must reflect how we feel, our circumstances manifest more and more forms that match our heart's desire. 

In other words, the very results that we felt enslaved to produce now occur in a natural, effortless way.

As we set ourselves free from thinking for control life doesn't just feel like it's under perfect control; our circumstances progressively express that as fact.  You might call it grace.

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