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Team Building For Sales Teams

The famous old saying, “One for all and all for one” applies nowhere more than for sales teams.

The selling power of sales profession

als is significantly impacted by the team spirit and teamwork of every member of their sales department

One sales person suffering from low morale can psychologically “infect” his or her sales team, and resulting in declining sales.

By contrast, one highly motivated seller can send the sales team's spirit soaring, because qualities like self-confidence, self-esteem, and just plain happiness are also contagious.

Here is another interesting fact about the “contagion” aspect of team developmentSales skills also spread.

When you spend time with someone who demonstrates a high level of mastery, by a kind of osmosis, your skills automatically receive a boost.

By providing sales teams with regular sales training to boost morale and to develop selling skills, you lead those teams toward higher levels of success in sales.

But the sales professional needs more than a motivational speaker coming in to raise spirits, more than a sales training to enhance sales skills.

Every member of the team needs to understand how every other member of the team counts on him or her for success.

Every team member needs training in awareness of how he or she is impacting every other team member AND being impacted by every other team member.

Every word you say and how you say it, and even your silent attitude, can raise or lower another's spirits and performance.

This applies to successful selling and it applies to sales team development.

If you listen to too much negative speech, or spend too much time around a teammate who simply feels pessimistic, disgruntled or insecure, your attitude can begin to suffer.

Spending more time than is absolutely necessary with someone with a low-level skill set, who displays incompetence in all sorts of ways, can drag your own skill-set down.

When individuals recognize what is happening, it can begin a trend of interpersonal conflict within the team.

So each team member needs to be trained in how to :

  • Recognize a negative influence
  • Recognize when that influence is having a negative effect
  • Take effective steps to eliminate the negative effect

These steps can include deliberately spending less time with that person, discussing the problem with the team leader or director of operations, etc.

On the positive side, your motivational speech about what you are selling influences prospects to buy from you.  

Even your unspoken positive attitude of self-confidence and motivation inspires prospects to follow your lead as well. 

Motivational speaking and even just feeling motivated during your interaction with colleagues helps them to feel better and to do better.  

And that positive influence also binds the whole team into a more supportive, cohesive and congenial group, which further contributes to a higher level of individual and team success.

Additionally, as you dedicate yourself to improving your selling skills, you not only lead yourself to more successful sale closings.  

You automatically influence everyone you work with toward functioning with greater proficiency.  

This, in turn, increases their success and motivation, which reflects back to you with a more positive team influence.

This is why the team building saying, “One for all and all for one” applies nowhere more than for sales teams.

For a more supportive sales team, schedule a motivating seminar or motivational speaker event for sales professionals.

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