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Team Building Keys for Guarding and Nurturing Motivation

Your team's level of motivation and morale is of crucial importance for high performance.

How workers FEEL impacts how they perform, and it is necessary for a team leader to accept this.

A positive individual or team is self-driven to strive for excellence and go the “extra mile”, while a negative individual or team is self-satisfied to slide by making the barest minimum of effort. 

A team leader can guard and boost team morale and motivation by helping workers feel successful.

The work crew that feels successful expects to succeed and will do what it takes to fulfill that expectation.  

But being too easy to please risks leading workers to lower the bar of their self-expectations.  

So sometimes you can motivate your team by demonstrating more toughness, by seeming harder to please, by pointing out weaknesses and mistakes.

In this case, the team that is feeling unsuccessful may respond with more commitment and determination to surmount difficulties, but you cannot count on experiences of failure and futility to automatically do this for a team.

Team Building Keys For MotivationBeing overly critical risks dashing team spirit and undermining team drive.

One key to nurturing and guarding team motivation and team morale is for the leader to strike a careful, conscious balance between praising and critiquing

Another motivational team building key is to clearly “imprint” your goals for the team upon the mind of the team.

On a frequent and regular basis discuss, reiterate, and re-clarify the team's goals, or your expectations regarding team success.

Spend a few minutes of your team meetings having the team visualize themselves achieving their objectives.

Go over the step-by-step process you want your crew or staff to follow to achieve those goals and have them recite those steps back.

The more habitual their visualization and verbal repetition, the more deeply their motive-power will drive goal-directed behavior.

Another key to increase team motivation is to clarify exactly why they should aspire to reach their goals.

The psychology behind this is simple.  When you want something badly enough you will not allow ANYTHING to stand in the way of your success.

Here is a simple trick for sparking team motivation to succeed.

As part of your team meetings, have team members compose a list of all the things that they most want to happen in their lives.

Team Building Keys For MotivationThen challenge them to conceive of how achieving their work-goals can help them to fulfill their personal goals.  

You can have them work on this imaginative morale-building exercise collectively as a whole, but it tends to work best if you break them up into small groups.

Be sure to demonstrate a playful attitude toward this challenge, because if they take it too seriously their imagination may shut down.

Here are some answers that came up in team building trainings where I gave this exercise: 

  • By working overtime I can make more money to put toward my child's education.
  • By avoiding petty, personal rivalries at work I will come home with a better attitude for a happier married life.
  • Following through on necessary but unpopular policy guidelines can help me feel the sense of moral authority when I want my child to follow school rules.

You can also challenge their creativity further by asking specific questions like, “How can taking care of work equipment help you to lose weight?” or “How can getting to work on time help you to maintain more order in your home environment?”

Team Building Keys For Motivation

Even when they end up feeling stumped and don't come up with an answer, this motivation-exercise helps workers connect more drive with improved performance AND it stretches their imagination for creative problem-solving.

Whatever keys or exercises you employ, remember that a team'shigh level of motivation and morale is crucial for its high performance.

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