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Team Building Strategies For A Positive Workforce

When a team is plagued by interpersonal relationship problems team building is undermined.

One cause of this all too common workplace problem comes down to a matter of “strategic unconsciousness”.

This means that the employee does not realize that the strategy he or she uses to achieve the goal of workforce harmony actually works against it.

All SANE team members sincerely want everyone in the workplace to get along well.

Most work teams understand that a positive workplace morale helps EVERYONE feel better and do better.

Most work teams understand that interpersonal conflict between fellow team mates imposes an emotional drain on every member of the organization.

What teams and leaders often need to have explained to them is that not only employee motivation falls in a context of interpersonal problems, the overall performance of the organization suffers.

This means that the strained emotional atmosphere of a business riddled with personnel contentiousness negatively impacts customers moods and attitudes, causing company revenue to fall.

An organization's emotional atmosphere is contagious.

If your company's profits are lagging, consider one primary cause to be a pattern of unprofessional, personal conflict among the members of your staff.team building strategies for a positive workforce

For organization success, it is crucial for personnel to communicate and coordinate well and to relate with one another in a mutual spirit of respect.  

The disintegration of an organization advances as individuals within the organization:
•    Complain about one another behind one another's back
•    Resent leadership
•    Interact in a passive-aggressive manner, like leaving tasks undone just to annoy fellow workers who depend upon their work getting done.

Feelings of malcontent among workers spreads like a cancer and erodes every part of the organization.

To achieve your team building goal for team harmony each team member needs to implement a strategy for attaining that goal.

Vindictiveness is certainly NOT a strategy that will achieve a more cohesive condition of positive team bonding.

The first step is to teach each team mate to take responsibility for bringing a positive attitude into the workplace. 

In other words, how team member “A” feels about team member “B” is something team member “A” brings into that relationship and into the workplace.

team building strategies for a positive workforceThe workplace attitude that each member of a work team needs to cultivate for a high performing organization can be described as, “Unconditional respect and appreciation.”

As long as we remain in a negative emotional mindset toward others, we contribute “crankiness” to the workplace.

The way out begins with teaching individual team members to take total responsibility for the attitude they bring to work and to their professional relationships.

They need to understand that negative relationship patterns are self-sabotaging.

The next step is to provide employees with a method for staying clear of negativity when dealing with difficult people and situations.

One team building technique for doing this involves two steps:
1… Self-awareness
2… Focusing on the now

Through the practice of self-awareness you can recognize when you begin slipping into a negative attitude or form of passive-aggressive behavior.

The moment you notice this happening, focus your attention on your present moment experience.

Focusing attention on the present stops thinking, and when you suspend your thinking you no longer find an excuse for negativity.

Remaining focused on the now gradually withdraws energy from negativity and restores a peaceful state where you can demonstrate the team building attitude of unconditional respect and appreciation.
team building strategies for a positive workforce

In that positive attitude you will find ways of resolving problems
with fellow team members, or of constructively adapting to those problems, and avoid the negativity that undermines everyone in the workplace and sabotages the success of the organization.

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