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Today's Business Success Strategy: Help Your People Grow

There is a new win-win-win business and organizational success formula:

Grow Your People To Grow Your Company (or Organization)

What follows is business oriented, but it applies to organizations of all forms.

Companies today are facing a “people” problem.  While they expect the individuals they hire to be disciplined, positive, motivated and skilled at interpersonal communication, time-management, decision-making and goal achievement, and to be brimming with initiative – this expectation typically results in disappointment.

Today's executives are frustrated and often at their wits-end in reaction to the lack of the professional attributes demonstrated by their staff.

Managers lack people-management skills and knowledge.  Sales people are under-trained in expert sales skills.  Customer service professionals have not been fully trained in the skills necessary to produce satisfied customers and to maintain their own emotional balance and resiliency.

In short, many of today's work teams break down in a mire of interpersonal strife, petty grievances and poor discipline causing the companies they work for to under-perform.

The source of the problem can be traced to the failing of our schools and the trouble in our families.  Schools unfortunately do not adequately prepare our youth to be highly successful, effective contributors in the marketplace. Families overwhelmed by pressure, family history issues and instability unfortunately do not make up for the slack.  This means that individuals go out into the workforce without the basic life and work skills that the companies that hire them expect and depend upon.

Often these individuals are kept on by companies because it is so expensive to replace an employee.  And yet, the existing employee continues to falter and disappoint.

The solution to this problem starts at the top.  Today's executives need to come to terms with the fact that complaining and grumbling about the low-achievement mentality and weak skill-sets displayed by their employees is counter-productive. It permits the problems to fester while setting into motion a culture of grumbling and complaining that spreads demoralization throughout the organization, and this just lowers employee performance further.

The motto for today's executives to follow instead can be stated simply as: “Don't complain; train.”

It is time for companies to recognize that they simply need to pick-up the individual training and development “baton” where schools and families (rightly or wrongly) left off.

For a company to grow, the individuals who run and execute the business need to grow.  It now falls on today's companies to provide their employees with ongoing training and development in the areas where their employees demonstrate deficiencies – not just in the so-called “hard skills”, but in the “soft skills” like initiative, decision-making, teamwork, communication, positive attitude maintenance, stress management, people management skills, etc.

This “educational dimension” of business needs to also include development of basic life-skills, including parenting, marriage, financial stability and overcoming personal emotional issues.  This is because employees don't REALLY leave their lives at door when they come to work.  Life-problems “bleed” into daily work, negatively impacting performance, morale and interpersonal relations.

The investment involved for the top-notch life-work training and development required proves MINIMAL in comparison with the high cost of a low performing company dragged down by employee turn-over or the acceptance of low performing personnel.

We can characterize the shift into in-depth training and development that business success now calls for as a return to the past, when young people were taken on as apprentices.  In those days, the business-person, be that individual a farmer, a craftsperson, or an entrepreneur would expect to teach and train the apprentice – that business-person saw it as his or her responsibility to produce an effective worker.  

The “teaching and training” involved in apprenticeship would often go beyond merely passing on the “hard skills” involved in any particular line of work.  The very “secrets of life and happiness” – what we can call “life-wisdom” – would be an integral dimension of the process of transforming the apprentice into a master.

Nothing less is required for business success today.

As Bob Lancer bluntly states it: “Today, companies either grow up or blow up.”

It is to fill this all-important need that Bob Lancer's products and services have been developed.  When companies utilize them the result is a culture of retention as they create a company that “grows people”.  The employees regard their place of employment as a source for more than a livelihood; they value it as an opportunity for their fulfillment of greater potential and the fulfillment of their life's greater potential.  

This “positive energy” that fills the workforce emanates into the market place, causing customers to feel more desirous of maintaining a relationship with that business.

We can define this as the new win-win-win approach to business.  

The company wins as it produces wines of its workforce, and these winners bring a higher level of products and services to those their company serves.

Bob Lancer's Whole Company Work/Life Training and Consulting is among the few companies that provide the in-depth training and development that produces more highly performing, positively engaged employees who are continually growing into more effective and successful professionals and human beings.  We work with all levels of a company's workforce, including executive leadership, managers, sales teams, customer service, office managers, and even the people in financials, because everyone's attitude and skill-levels influence everyone else's in the company.

“To grow your business, grow your people.”  Bob Lancer

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