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How To Deal With A Griping Co-Worker

Griping to a co-worker is often an unconscious strategy of passive-aggressiveness aimed against the target of the dissatisfaction.

In other words the griper is simply using the person he or she is venting to, attempting to manipulate that individual into joining forces against the one being complained about.

This underhanded attempt at manipulation impacts those to whom we spread our petty grievances.

When you engage a co-worker in a conversation to vent your grievances about fellow co-workers, company policies or workplace conditions, you risk increasing the level of dissatisfaction in the workplace.  

You do this by negatively impacting your co-worker on an emotional level.

Your fellow employee might be having a nice day, feeling motivated, engaged in a pleasant and productive work-flow.  

When you arrive with your dark cloud, and share that cloud, you demonstrate a lack of consideration and respect for your teammate.

There are healthy, productive and considerate ways of dealing with your grievances.  

When you dump your anger onto a co-worker, you expand the workplace problem rather than diminish it, for you now have two unhappy workers, where you only had one, yourself, before.  

An unhappy attitude diminishes one's effectiveness to constructively solve problems and produce positive results.

There are opportunities to constructively discuss your grievances.  It is every workplace's responsibility to provide employees with a safe place to air issues and elicit support for overcoming them.

Even when an organization fails to provide that opportunity, sharing your negativity with a co-worker who does not have the professional responsibility of dealing with your dissatisfaction incites that person's job-dissatisfaction and, most likely, incites his or her resentment of you for your inconsiderate, unfair dumping of your negativity upon him or her. 

If you find yourself on the receiving end of a co-worker's gripes and condemnation about others, realize that this individual is demonstrating callous, thoughtless mistreatment, irresponsible self-conduct, unfair imposition, selfishness, and a self-centered attitude in the process – the kinds of behaviors he or she is probably complaining about.

See the hypocrisy and don't repeat it.  It will be tempting to slip into a similar negative attitude toward the target of that individual's ire, or to slip into a negative, critical attitude toward that person for his or her unconscionable conduct toward you.

Concentrate instead on maintaining your own positive attitude.  Relate with the challenge of doing so as an exercise that will strengthen your positive attitude as you work on maintaining it under the pressure to wax negative.

By doing this you avoid “feeding” that person's negativity with your own, which will likely result in that individual no longer 

coming to you with his or her problems, since “misery loves company”.

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