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What Makes A Great Company

The first question that I think we need to ask ourselves as we begin is, “What makes a great company or organization great?”  


Well, the number one ingredient may be inspiration!


Under the influence of inspiration individuals and teams perform at higher levels than uninspired individuals and teams.  That's obvious, but all too often overlooked.


How many desperate-for-success CEO's un-inspire their workforce with a heavy-handed approach to performance? (see chapter: The Biggest Leadership Mistakes).


How many repressed or depressed, uninspired CEO's stifle the inspiration of their work team and turn them into dogged but passionless performers?


The answer is, far too many.


So what creates the magic of inspiration in a workforce?


One answer is a confident, happy and inspired leader who is committed to producing and maintaining a happily inspired workforce. 


If you are not a happy and inspired leader you are an under-performing leader and you are leading your workforce to under perform.  This is not a terminal condition, though.  You can change!


Inspired Client And Prospect Performance


How many leaders even think about taking responsibility for their prospects' and clients' performance?  What is a high performing prospect and client?  Think of your ideal prospect and client and how you want them to feel, to speak, and to act


You want them to love your company, to love the experience of doing business with your company, to love the people in your company, to love what your company does, to love what your company stands for. 


You want your clients to team build – in other words, you want them to motivate their friends to join them in doing business with you. 


You want your clients to be great leaders – to effectively lead those they know to do business with you.


So how do you produce inspired performance prospects and clients in abundance?  You produce a workforce that demonstrates attitudes and behaviors similar to those that you desire from your ideal prospects and clients.


The quality of your customer's and prospect's experience of working with your company is an exact reflection of the quality of your workforce's
experience of working
in your company.


The happier and more inspired your workforce, the higher their performance and the deeper their loyalty and commitment to your organization. 


This translates into happier prospects and happier clients who feel inspired to demonstrate higher customer performance – meaning more customers, more "higher-ticket" customers, and higher rates of customer retention and referrals!


Ingredients For Inspired Performance


A leader produces a workforce that reflects who the leader really is, how the leader really feels, thinks, communicates and works – not just at work but in life (See chapter: Develop Your Success Skills At Home).


A leader inspired by purpose and in love with his or her workforce naturally produces a positive, high performing work team. 


This is a demonstration of “The Law of Reflection” in the workplace. 


In other words, the level of attitude, drive, passion and performance of the workforce is an inevitable reflection of its leadership's demonstration of those qualities.


The “Law of Reflection” goes a step further.  The attitude, drive, passion and performance of a company's clients will be a reflection of the company's workforce demonstration of those qualities.


There are certain “ingredients” that go into creating and maintaining a happy workforce of inspired performers. 


The foundation is having a leader who demonstrates the qualities of inspired performance.  Consistent with this, such a leader will lead in a way that leads the workforce to feel confident in the fact that their boss: 

… Really cares about them

… Trusts, appreciates, respects and values them

… Honors their need for life-balance

… Provides them with opportunities to express and expand their talents, knowledge and contribution to the success and value (not just monetary) of the organization.


Life-Balance And Inspiration


Life-balance is crucial for inspiration.  If you work too much you burn out.  Life-balance gives your life a chance to breathe upon the flame of your inspiration.  When you take enough breaks to nurture the important dimensions of your life outside of work, your morale and performance inside work can soar.


Inspiration Through Self-Growth


Another critical element that impacts inspiration is engagement in self-growth.  As an individual sees how to improve and embarks on a process of self-improvement, deeper and stronger levels of inspiration drive the individual into higher levels of morale and performance.


Settling for our weaknesses and limitations has the opposite effect.


Of course, having our mistakes, limits and weaknesses pointed out to us in a demeaning way de-motivates us.  But a secure leader or manager or team mate would never do that.  They understand that mistakes are inevitable and that sooner or later we all come up against our limitations.  The important thing is to remain dedicated to taking responsibility for correcting our course to avoid repeating the mistake and working on self-growth to go beyond our previous limits.


An inspiring company culture is all about celebrating the discovery of weaknesses and mistakes as opportunities for making positive change.   Accountability is then culturally encouraged and the desire to do better is culturally enflamed.


Creating a positive culture of self-growth goes back to leadership exemplifying continual self-honest self-reflection.  The leader who angrily blames the workforce for doing poorly is overlooking his or her own way of contributing to that poor performance problem.


As leadership engages in a process of deeply committed self-growth, by “The Law of Reflection”, engagement in self-growth becomes a core positive attribute of the organization's inspiring culture.


And again, based on “The Law of Reflection”, as the individuals who comprise your company grow more purposeful, passionate, proficient and productive, your company inevitably demonstrates higher levels of operational and financial performance and grows into its higher potential. 


Help From An Expert


I am what I call a “Workplace Experience and Inspired Performance Team Building Expert” (Whew, that's a mouthful!)


That means that I facilitate individual, team and company growth through my Inspired Performance Whole Company Work-Life Consulting and my Great Team Building Lunch-And-Learns, Seminars and Speaking Engagements.   


In my own work-life I have continually sought employment opportunities that promise to test and expand my current knowledge and skill-set, while exercising my talents for their higher development. 


I have purposely worked in the broadest possible range of industries including retail, manufacturing, advertising, sales, medical, management, wealth management and media.


I have provided training and consulting in homeless shelters and safe houses, in schools ranging from the preschool to the university level, in both for-profit and not-for-profit settings, in churches of many denominations and in synagogues ranging from reconstructionist to orthodox. 


I've worked with prestigious CEO groups and with prisoners in jail, with teen mothers in Alternative Schools, with mothers and fathers in drug rehab, and with work teams and leaders in Fortune 500 Companies. 


I've worked with parents of “normal” and “special needs” children and with children of both (I hate to use the word) “categories”, with married couples facing serious issues, with individuals seeking a life of more purpose, happiness and success.


And I've been guiding my own independent professional career for 30 years.  My aim throughout all of this has been to develop a universal voice and skill-set that empowers me to help the most people in the most positive ways possible.


When I work within organizations, I'm engaged on a retainer basis, through which I provide individual work-life coaching and monthly motivational, team building lunch-and-learns.  


The Individual Work-Life Coaching Sessions that I conduct with individual staff members throughout the organization helps them resolve issues and feel happier and more inspired, not just at work, in their personal lives as well.  

In these sessions, as needed, I draw upon my expertise in child behavior and development to assist parents, and upon my marriage counseling skills to assist spouses (helping individuals enjoy more peace at home helps them to focus and demonstrate more inspired performance at work).  

Providing these individual sessions (I call them Conscious Conversations) proves to be a great way of helping the workforce to feel cared about by leadership.


The monthly Team Building Lunch-&-Learns that I present boost the morale and motivation of the workplace and remind the team of wise principles and practices for improved interpersonal relationships, a better attitude and a deeper dedication to their self-growth. This group-setting supports greater team bonding and generates a more positive workplace culture.


I work closely with the CEO and with managers to help them lead and manage with more inspiration, clarity and positive accountability.  


I work with Customer Service personnel to help them to have better experiences with customers, which creates better customer experiences, greater customer loyalty and more inspired customer referrals.  


I work with the Marketing and Business Development departments, helping them strengthen emotional resiliency and develop emotional intelligence for improved relationship building and communication, all of which translates into higher prospect and customer performance. 


As I become more immersed in an organization over time, my individual and group sessions become increasingly integrated with specific, current company conditions, challenges and goals. 


As a result, improvements to operational and financial performance of the organization occur incrementally and can be seen within 3 months as advancement in the self-esteem and self-confidence, attitude and motivation, critical thinking and personal development, interpersonal relationships, and general work-life performance of the workforce is achieved.  


You Can Have A Happier Workplace, A More Inspired Team & More Talented Individual Performance, Resulting In More Inspired Clients & Prospects, Higher Operational And Financial Performance.

Call 404-297-4043 or email to discuss your options, including:

  • A motivational team building seminar
  • An inspiring speaker event
  • In-depth Inspired Performance Whole Company Work-Life Consulting
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