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Six Success Keys for Team Building

AKA: Workplace Survival Skills

Here are six success keys for team building.  One might also call these “workplace survival skills”.  

As you employ these team success keys in your workplace you will experience less stress, avoid pointless conflict, and find yourself with opportunities to contribute more and to rise through the ranks.


1… Teams either grow or die. For ultimate team building success, every team member needs to be engaged in self-development.  The foundation for team building is “individual building” – that is, the building or self-growth of each team member.  The higher the levels of skill and knowledge of the individual, the higher the level of team performance.  A team is as proficient as the sum of its parts.


2… The greatest team leaders exhibit great faith in their team.  They do the OPPOSITE of micro-managing.  They trust team members to be responsible and resourceful, to figure out how to do the job they're given, to work out their own problems, to show courage and self-motivation, and to work well together. In other words they show respect for the team member's self-leadership. These great team leaders demonstrate the principle that people rise or fall to meet your expectations.


3… When a situation at work brings out people's frustration, or when you encounter some form of negativity in a teammate or team leader, one effective team building strategy is to “rise above it”, to not meddle with it or worry about it.  This often permits the situation to work itself out and soon reveals an opportunity for you to take positive action to move things along a constructive course.


4… Most of us have difficulty accepting ambiguity and uncertainty, but there is a level of that we simply cannot entirely avoid.  So we need to learn how to trust and accept our lack of clear understanding that would give us a surer sense of control.  When you are not sure about what a team mate or team leader is thinking or doing, anxiously worrying about it or jumping to negative conclusions provides at best a false sense of certainty that really sheds no light on the matter.  Acting on this false sense of certainty can lead to messy, costly and unnecessary team conflict.


5… When you recognize team leadership operating in a toxic, self-sabotaging or team-sabotaging way, his or her pattern is probably too habitual and unconscious for to change in response to a conversation that points it out.  It is then often best to simply keep yourself clear of the pattern and its fallout, to the best of your ability, by not worrying about it or even speaking much about it.  If you remain focused on making your best contribution to the team's objectives, with a positive attitude, you minimize the negative impact of the leader's faults on you individually and on your team as a whole.


6… Though you are part of a team, automatically doing as you are directed to do can result in a waste of your time and talent, to detriment of your real productivity, yourself and your team.  In all situations you are responsible for making good decisions for yourself, regardless of what you are told.  If you remain calm and confident you will virtually always see an opportunity to do what you know is truly best for yourself and your team, without running into conflict with leadership.  In fact, the positive outcome of your accurate decision-making will most likely be appreciated by leadership; and in many cases, leadership will forget that you were ever given that faulty directive in the first place.


As you apply these six success keys for great team building, you will grow as an individual, contribute more value to your team, and probably find yourself being presented with opportunities to advance to higher levels of team leadership.

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