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How To Turn Failure Around

Harness The Power Of Authenticity


When we experience enough failure, we feel like we are free falling through the space of our own lives.  In other words, when things fall apart, WE fall apart.  Yet this is not a bad thing.


All that really falls apart is all of our desperate efforts to “fit in”, to present ourselves as we thought we should.  In other words, our false self is all that falls apart.


When we get right down to it – down to the ground of our true being, that is – we discover our true calling, our core of strength and inspiration.  We stop “selling” ourselves and start truly and completely BEING ourselves, and this is a great relief.


As the late great mythologist, Joseph Campbell said, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”


This is the great privilege offered to you when “it all falls apart”.  You are privileged to stop “faking it” to make it.  You are privileged to exude pure courage, confidence, and conviction without trying to impress others with those positive personal attributes.


To reach who you truly are, wend your way through the depths of your inner self until you find your core.  


That core emanates your true, deepest inspiration for bold self-expression.  You know without a doubt what you want to do, what you must do, to liberate who you are and to LIVE your sense of purpose.


That is how I came to be an inspirational writer, speaker and counselor.  It is my calling.  It is what I do to feel one with myself.  It is what I want to do most.  It is what I have to do to feel that I am being who I am.


To find out who you are, clear your mind of all worrisome thoughts. Practice being self-aware so you can recognize when you are placing blockages between where you are in life and where I want to be, so you can stop self-sabotaging yourself at once.  In self-awareness you can build bridges linking you to where you want to go.


There is no hype allowed when you are being true to you.  There is just creating in the peaceful, inspiring vibration of authenticity.


In that peaceful, inspiring vibration you live without fear.  You live in the joy of trusting that everything is working out perfectly.  You live in the harmony of doing what your heart and soul direct you to do.


You don't worry about how you are going to make a living, how you are going to make ends meet, how you are going to provide for your family.  You entrust all that to the power of authenticity.  If you choose to be false to make a living you are not really living, and you will never know if you could have made a living by living an authentic life.


Worrying about making a living and providing for your family is not the same thing as working for it.  You love your family, so of course being yourself is being FOR your family in every way.  

When we pursue a false path to provide for others we end up resenting them; but even this is not real – it's just a cover-up for resenting ourselves for not showing the courage to live a truly honest life.


So when it all falls apart and your plans and hopes come to naught, don't struggle to preserve the false self that you were trying to be.  Let fearful struggle go to abide in the peaceful, inspiring vibration of authenticity.  

You will be guided from there to do what you need to do, what you truly want to do, and to do it in a way that truly serves those you really love. And you can expect to be entirely successful, because being who you truly are is already a great success – in fact, it is the very essence of being successful.


Isn't being authentic the privilege that so many associate with being financially wealthy?  The courage to be truly authentic is the great privilege that people believe they themselves are too financially unstable to permit themselves to enjoy.  It is the ultimate gift.


Ironically, success in worldly terms can prevent someone from enjoying this privilege.  As long as they are “getting ahead” by denying their true self, they feel compelled to keep up the charade.  Only when it all falls apart because they could no longer perpetuate the state of denial of who they really are do they finally have the choice to fall into bliss – into the bliss of rediscovering, reconnecting with their true selves.


When one door closes, another always opens.  When one plan falls flat on its face, return to your authentic being and you will find another plan, a truly inspiring one, one that renews your courage and confidence and self-respect.  As you pursue that plan with your full power you will rise once again.

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