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Harness Your Full Power With Stable Faith and Optimism

When you are working on achieving a goal, and you come upon a set-back, delay or a loss of some kind, you only add to your LOSSES by reacting with disappointment, discouragement, insecurity or frustration.

Every negative emotional reaction costs you energy, energy you could otherwise channel into constructive activity aimed at achieving your goal.

By maintaining your positive attitude that expresses optimism, faith and self-confidence, you avoid wasting your energy on a negative emotional reaction and can remain steadily engaged in working for the outcome you want to achieve.

At the same time you free your mind from worrisome thoughts.  This is important because our thoughts carry a creative influence.  They literally tell life what to do.  You help yourself to succeed by deliberate envisioning success.

Additionally, your optimistic, confident state exudes a magnetic influence that configures circumstances to match your expectations, similar to the way that a magnet influences iron filings to configure into a pattern that matches the magnetic field of the magnet.

In other words, feelings of optimism operate as self-fulfilling prophecy.

So make it your intention to develop a non-reactive response to set-backs and let-downs.  Deliberately practice maintaining your optimistic state of self-confidence.

When things don't work out the way you had hoped they would, notice your emotional reaction.  See to what extent your emotions get “hooked” by what happens.

We commonly refer to a person with an addiction as “hooked” on what he is addicted to.  This term applies well to negative emotional reactions.

We don't really NEED a given situation to work out a certain way, just as an addict doesn't really NEED a fix.  But we act and react as if we really do need that, just as an addict acts and reacts as if he really needs what he craves.

So practice remaining emotionally “unhooked” to what happens, whether the event seems positive or negative.

If you emotionally react when things seem to go your way, you will emotionally react when things seem not to go your way. 

But in both instances, for all you know, it's all working out perfectly!

To harness your full power to be successful practice the stable, unconditional state of optimism, faith and self-confidence, so that no matter what happens, you continue moving in a positive direction.

Unhooking your emotions from events does not diminish life's joy.  On the contrary, it increases life's joy, because you no longer feel insecure about what might happen.

If you become elated when things go your way you are bound to begin worrying very soon that the pendulum can swing the other way. 

And the reality is that the pendulum of life WILL swing the other way.  Whatever goes up comes down.  High cycles are replaced with low cycles.  No one wins all the time (unless the person has a mind trained on seeing the wins in the losses).

By cultivating a steady, stable state of confident faith and optimism no matter what happens, you lose your fear of what may happen.

Faith and joy go together.  The more stable and consistent your faith the more stable and consistent your joy.

By practicing maintaining steady faith and optimism in the midst of life's highs and lows, you avoid losing power to negativity and harness your full power to succeed with the utmost joy.

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