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How To Receive What You Desire

How to receive what you desire is simple, really.  And when you know how to do it, you live in a more desirable life. 

It begins with realizing that whatever you desire is really nothing but a state of consciousness.

You are aware of something (or someone) that you want when you have a mental vision that you associate with satisfying your desire.  A mental vision is a state of consciousness.

Once you know what you want, and realize that it is nothing but a state of consciousness, simply enter that particular state of consciousness.

To worry that what you want is not coming to you places you in a state of consciousness that you don't want to experience.  

You can choose to experience that negative state, but you don't have to.  You can enjoy living in the state of trust that your life is in the process of granting you what you desire.

You don't need to go back into the energy of “wanting”, because “wanting” actually pushes what you want away.  It establishes you in a state of wanting.  It asserts a state of wanting.  It cements you in a state of wanting.  This can be described as a state of lack consciousness.

Why would you do that to yourself?  The answer must be because you don't realize that you have an alternative.  You think you have to go on wanting what you want until you have it.  In a sense, this is true.  But having what you want is a state of consciousness that you can enter at will, when you realize that all you want is a state of consciousness.

Let go of wanting and accept that you are receiving what you want.  This places you in the consciousness of receiving, and that is a joyful state of consciousness.

You don't have to push things or go into conflict with the pace of change or the appearance of stasis.  Just be where you are without a thought of lack, without a thought that portrays your life without what you want.

We live in the experience that we think about. If you think about receiving what you want, you enter the experience of receiving it.

Wouldn't you love to feel certain that what you desire is on its way?  Why not give yourself the experience of that joy by dropping all doubt.  You can worry about not getting what you want or you can live with the joyful feeling of confidence that all you want is on its way.  It's really your choice.

When you live in the gentle spirit of faith or confidence in the fact that knowing what you desire is bringing you what you desire you feel more positive, you think more positive, you act more positive and you appear more positive then when you feel stuck, blocked, restricted or prevented from having what you want.  Others will recognize your self-assurance and feel attracted to it. 

You experience the fulfillment of your life by living in that joyous state of self-assurance.


When you descend into the state of insecurity about what is going to happen you feel lack, loss, disappointment and powerlessness.  These drain you of energy and joy.  They weaken your attraction to positive and accomplished people and to great opportunities. 

To feel self-assured is to feel fulfilled, empowered, inspired.  It is to enjoy the feeling of positive anticipation.  It is to feel “on track”. It is to radiate joy that ignites joy in the hearts of others.

Don't try to fake the feeling of self-assurance that comes with expecting your desires to be fulfilled.  Adjust your feelings and thoughts until you find yourself genuinely experiencing it.  Gently work your feelings into a state of positive expectation, trust, and acceptance of the fact – or at least of the possibility - that whatever you desire is coming to you.  What a wonderful state to live in.  The goal is to develop the skill of living in it unconditionally.

The most difficult time to do this is when something happens that causes you to feel threatened, insecure, unsure of yourself or worried about the possible outcome.

If you maintain your positive state of expectation when you feel most strongly tempted to slip into fear, though, you can be assured of a much happier and less stressful life; and a significant, positive breakthrough in your circumstances is sure to follow.  

Touch lightly upon the thought of what you desire and then open to the inner feeling of trust in its coming. This is the simple way to receive what you desire.

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