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Harness The Power Of A Victorious Attitude

It's been said that attitude is everything.  The following is a kind of affirmation to help you to harness the power of a victorious attitude.  Read it over and over to help you to release from any sense of defeat or discouragement.  What you say to yourself starts your subconscious on a process of discovering how it is true.  The following will help you see how to be successful all the time.

Your path of victory is hard to find because you are already on it.  In every situation you triumph, you win

Whatever happens is actually your victory.  You cannot lose.  You never lose.  

Even when it does not look like you are winning, you are

Why even consider losing?  Why speculate on how you can lose?  Why interpret any change of any kind as a loss?

However things are brings you the very best that you could hope for, brings you all that you could possibly desire; even better!

Even when you have the unshakeable feeling that you are losing, have the absolute belief that you are losing, even when you feel absolutely convinced that you are losing, you are actually winning. 

Even when it appears that all that you desire is under siege and your position defenseless, your victorious condition remains unassailable.

Whatever or whomever has been taken from you, wherever you have been removed from, it does not spell your defeat.  Loss of any kind, to any degree, is only a changing form of victory, a new form of gain that is priceless.

You do not have to struggle or strive for victory, because the path you are on cannot stray from victory. 

Give your best for the joy of giving it.  Do your best for the pleasure of doing it.  Be your best for the delight of being it.  Live life to the fullest for the love of life.

But do not work for victory, because victory is already yours.  To work for it is to separate yourself from it in your consciousness.  Work for the joy of work and let winning work for you

Fear not the powers of darkness.  Consume them as the flame feeds on coals for life giving warmth and light.  They are powerless to thwart you, their power illusory.  You have nothing to fear. You live in unconditional, inevitable, ever-present victory. 

Nothing good for you can be taken from you; nothing good for you can be kept from you.

You are a winner all the time.

Those who walk in the low lands of defeat wander about in a dream of their own making.  They succeed in this making.  They succeed at feeling like failures.

You do not have to intellectually understand how you are winning right now in order to be winning.  You cannot help but win.

You do not need to be able to explain to others how you are winning.  (You do not have to explain how it is that you are in order to be.)

You need not change a thing about your circumstances to be truly triumphant in every way.  You can relax.  You can let things be, people be, yourself be.  You can trust the way things are.

Pure and perfect victory is always essentially the experience that you are having, whatever form that experience takes; however much pain that experience might involve. 

You do not have to control your experience.  Your present is nothing less than total success for you; and if you find yourself doubting it, even the experience of doubt is a victory.

Here, right here where you are is your path of victory.  Look for the truth of this and you will find it, and harness the power of a victorious attitude.

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