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The Success Secret Of Mastering Your Mind

The Higher Wisdom Of Living In Pure Awareness

The more emotional suffering you experience the more you need to learn the secret of mastering your mind by living in pure awareness.

There comes a painful point when our only sanctuary is no-thought, when the only way out of the beating and battering that life seems to bring us is to rise above the thinking mind into the consciousness of pure awareness.

The ability to live thoughtlessly is at least as valuable as the ability to think clearly, logically and imaginatively.  The world of thought is filled with harmful influences, thoughts that can literally kill you if you give them too much of your attention, time and energy; if you give them too much of your very self.

When you think of yourself as not good enough, it may very well be that you somehow exposed yourself to someone who holds that belief about you.  The reason that person sees you that way is probably because he or she wants something from you that you are unwilling or unable to give.

Unbeknownst to that person, he actually believes in his or her thoughts of his or her own inadequacy because he or she is not able to get what he or she wants.

If you are too concerned about how people in general or that person in particular thinks and feels about you, those negative thoughts about you are going to be automatically accepted by you as your own thoughts.  As long as you automatically identify with your thoughts about yourself as true representations of who you are, you are going to believe in those thoughts.  

This in turn will plunge you into self-loathing, maybe even into self-hatred that can be so strong that you lose all hope for yourself.  From there, you might actually will yourself to die, leading to an active move toward suicide, to being subconsciously guided to pick up a deadly disease or into a deadly “accident”.

Even if you live through it, you may still suffer the excruciating pain of devastatingly emotionally torment from negative thoughts about your self and your life.  There is a way out of emotional suffering caused by thoughts.  It is to plunge into the consciousness of pure awareness.

Practice living consciously in the present without a thought.  The more you do this the more prepared you will be to liberate yourself from the agony of emotional suffering.  You will not waste your time or your life or your power or your joy on emotional suffering because you will be able to instantly leave it behind by leaving thought behind.

Entrusting your life to thoughtless reality is the way out of worry and fear, depression and anger.  It is the way into peace.  But it takes courage.  

It takes courage to leave the power of thought behind, but you really have no healthy alternative when that power is turning against you, when the thoughts that are occurring to you are making you miserable, maybe even too miserable to want to go on anymore.

Leaving thought for pure awareness is not a form of cowardly escapism, but a demonstration of courageous faith in life.  You are saying that life itself will take care of me.  That life itself is good.  That I don't have to figure things out for things to work out. 

Beyond this we discover that when we enter the consciousness of pure awareness or awareness of present experience that is free of thought a higher mind, a higher level of intelligent, intuitive awareness comes in to guide us.  Call it a more profound level of wisdom and understanding if you will.  

You find that in this alert state of attentive awareness to present moment experience you are guided from within to take just the right action, say just the right word, even to attract just the right idea just when you need it.

The more you live in the consciousness of pure awareness the more control you have over your thinking mind, in order to direct it from higher intelligence, so that your thoughts work for you instead of working against you.

This is the success secret of mastering your mind by living in pure awareness.

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