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The Potent Secret Power Of A Positive Attitude

The secret about the power of attitude is that it is a cause.  Your attitude does not need to be at the effect of your circumstances. 

You get what you expect.  You also get the opposite.  You receive the opposite of what you expect today because of your previous expectations.  Expect things to go your way even when things are not going the way you want and you will find that things always go your way.  Become aware of your attitude.  Notice the feeling of it.  Your attitude expresses an expectation.

Circumstances cause our attitude until we take charge of our attitude.  Then we start to see how attitude causes circumstances.  Attitude is a great power, but we do not realize how great it is until we awaken to the actual influence of our attitude upon what happens next. 

Negative attitudes cause things to go wrong.  We encounter losses, disappointments, obstacles, distractions when we dwell in an attitude that expresses overwhelm and victimhood.

You can disengage from any attitude and engage in a more positive attitude at will.  Simply notice the attitude that you are presently experiencing.  Examine its quality.  Then think about how you would feel if you knew that everything in life is always working out for you, if you knew that the fulfillment of your deepest heart's desire is inevitable.

As you practice remembering that your attitude operates as a cause of circumstances, and then practice being aware of your attitude, you see the potent secret power of a positive attitude.  Then, you can access this great power the power to deliberately choose your attitude to delightfully direct your life.

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