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Mastering Uncertainty

Enter Your New Life Now

To master the uncertainty that you feel so anxious about, read on.

You want a new life and your life is about to become new.  In fact, your life already is new beyond your resistance to your birth in it

You are about to become bigger.  Your life is about to become bigger too.  The self you are clinging to, and the life you are clinging to, are about to be split wide open.  That's the cause of the sense of underlying anxiety that you feel.  You know that your clinging is useless.

What do you do when it all falls apart?  You really don't have much choice in the end.  Sooner or later you are going to have to let go.  You are going to have to let reality be what it is.  Resistance is futile.

What becomes of the bigger self in his or her larger life?  That's simple: liberation from the smaller.  The smaller life that you are clinging to is really a prison when you really face how you really feel about it.  You feel stuck, limited, constrained.  You think the solution is to go to work on changing your conditions.

I need a new relationship.  I need a higher income.  I need to live by the ocean.  I need a break in my career.  I need to lose body fat.  These are examples of how we express the feeling of being imprisoned where we are.

There is nothing wrong with finding a new relationship, making more money or living in a place you find beautiful.  But the fact remains that once you are there your sense of imprisonment remains with you.  What is the source of this sense?

On some level you sense the larger life that is heading toward you like a slow train coming.  You know that all of this must come to an end.  You know that the self you are will prove to be inadequate to keep it all going.  You are bound to become a larger self in a larger life.

The situation is just like the baby who has outgrown the confines of the womb.  For a short time that womb gave the baby life, but now, with it's increase in size and the increase of the size of its demands, that womb will become a tomb if that kid doesn't make it out.  The baby cries upon being born because in this new life of enlarged self-hood he or she feels completely lost, disoriented and out of control.  Don't you feel a little bit or a lot like that baby right now?

You feel that way because you either sense that you are about to be launched from the womb of your present life-conditions, or you have recently been launched and don't really know where you are.

With all of this talk of anxiety, you are probably ready for some good tidings.  Well, here they are.  The only thing that makes the change from small to big seem unbearable is fearful resistance against it.  All you have to do is trust your freedom and give up any struggle to control it to know how truly glorious life can be.

Accept the disorientation.  Accept the newness of where you are.  Don't get stuck in the old and don't get stuck in trying to make the new just like the old, that is, under your control.  Trying to keep life under control gets very old and it makes us old.

When you don't have to be in control you find that something greater, not lesser, is in control.  Just stop imagining all that can go wrong if you don't do something about it.  Live in the experience of not knowing where you are or where you are going.  That is what is always happening anyway, so you might as well let yourself be in that ever-expanding life that no one can contain by opposing it.

You contain that life by being at one with it.  Then you contain it as much as it contains you and for the first time in your life you experience that sense of deep inner freedom that you have been longing for.

Mastering uncertainty is about opening to the bigger life that is calling.  The bigger self you are about to become you really already are, and the bigger life you are about to enter already is, and both are infinite. Enter your new life now.

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