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Find Freedom From Negativity

Want freedom from negativity?  One would think so, since negativity equals suffering.

Here is a key-insight to help you gain freedom from what or whom (it's always your unawakened self) seems to be making you feel so angry, unhappy, frustrated, dissatisfied, pessimistic or just plain negative:

Mentally seeking external fixes to end our internal suffering perpetuates our internal suffering. 

We continue thinking about changing things outside of us as the solution to the negativity we feel inside of us until we finally come to realize the counter-productive futility of that unpleasant effort.  

No external change possible is going to make you any happier for more than a minute, after which you will feel even more disappointed because what or whom you counted on has let you down once again.

You think you need to improve your relationship to be happier without realizing that thinking that way keeps you unhappy.  

You think you need to improve your financial condition to feel secure until you awaken to the reality that thinking that way keeps you feeling insecure.  

Thinking that you need to change some external situation or some other person's treatment of you to receive freedom from the negativity you feel inside of yourself is like trying to lose weight by snacking on fatty junk food, abandoning physical exercise, adding sugary and buttery deserts to each meal and increasing the amount of food you pile on your plate and polish off.

Working on finding the "right person" is not a viable strategy for gaining freedom from the fear of feeling lonely, left or betrayed.  In fact, believing that is a viable strategy is guaranteed to keep you feeling stuck in that fear.  Why?  For a couple of reasons.

One reason is that you are not addressing the real problem, thereby permitting that problem to fester.  You are trying to concoct an outside condition without dealing with the inside state of emotional corruption.  This is like trying to clean your kitchen that is indoors by weeding your outdoor garden.  The longer you spend in your garden the thicker the kitchen grime grows. 

Second, by looking outside you cause yourself to feel increasingly powerless to fix your problem, because that doesn't relieve your inner pain, and this just adds to your angst.

As long as you are counting on changing things outside of you to free you from your miserable feelings within you are trying to achieve what can never be achieved and doom yourself to feeling like a failure on top of that misery. 

You cannot manifest a relationship that is going to free you from your feelings of disconnect, insecurity and unworthiness.  

You are not going to fashion a career into something that frees you from feeling a sense of meaningless daily drudgery.  

You will never make enough money to relax your tensions about the possibility of not having enough.

You certainly can create more of what you want in the area of relationship, career, finance and in every other department of human living, but not as a solution to negativity like the miserable feelings of insecurity, lack or powerlessness.  

All negative emotions are unconsciously self-imposed.  We need to look at them directly to awaken to how we are imposing them upon ourselves to release ourselves from them.

One way we keep our states of misery is by blaming someone or some condition outside of ourselves for their presence.  Justifying a negative state is the same as holding onto it.

From blaming or justifying our negative state we then seek to change, control or fix that which we are blaming.  We might say, "I feel insecure because I don't know where my next high paying client is going to come from."  See how you justified your negative inner state?

From that justification you then act on the assumption that the external condition is the cause and seek to change the external condition to eradicate that cause.  See how this just takes you farther away from solving your internal problem?

What you want in this instance is a feeling of financial security, emotional certainty.  Maybe on a deeper level you want to feel a sense of your own adequacy or perhaps even to escape your fear of being inferior.

Only as we recognize the THOUGHTS that are causing our negative attitudes and the way that we are internally holding onto those negative attitudes can we set ourselves free of the misery of negativity.  This leaves us in peace.

As you experience inner peace you are released from the misery of feeling like a victim of the external world and truly become its conqueror.  When the world cannot conquer you, you have become the conqueror of the world.  You realize your true power to create the conditions that you want to create for the sheer pleasure of creating.

Thinking of outer problems to escape them keeps you in the experience of them.  This is like drinking sand to quench your thirst.  Gain freedom negativity by dropping your reliance upon the external world for your happiness.

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