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Climb The Ladder Of True Success

How To Find Constant Fulfillment

To climb the ladder of true success is to follow the inner way to constant fulfillment.

First understand that fulfillment is not a state you need to attain.  It is your ever-present true state that you step out of when you get caught up in a disturbing internal emotional reaction.

Here is how to get back to it.  When circumstances fail to reinforce the internal state you want, like feelings of self-confidence, security or being loved, use that situation to free yourself of the pattern that takes you from your inner peace.

We think we need outer conditions to give us the inner feelings of security and self-assuredness we crave, but no outer circumstance delivers more than, at best, only a momentary taste of how we long to feel within.  

Almost the instant that outer conditions support an inner feeling we want, they change and we lose the prop we were counting on for that internal experience.  We then become angry at who or what let us down, or at who or what stopped keeping us up.

You want more money to escape the feeling of financial insecurity? You want to be married to escape the feeling of relationship insecurity?  You want more friends to escape feelings of social insecurity?  You want to travel more to escape feeling that maybe your life is not interesting?  You want someone to understand you to escape feeling insecure about his or her cooperation?

Do you see what all of these common wants have in common?  They demonstrate dependency upon externals to save you from you do not want to experience within.  

Sooner or later we become tired of the internal suffering perpetuated by this dependency.  It is then that we are ready to seek another way - the inner way. We are then set to climb the ladder of true success along the direct route back to our constant fulfillment.  

Climbing this ladder involves a certain kind of work: the inner work of looking within for the cause of our emotional suffering.  This is the opposite of what most do: blame how they feel on what someone else has done or on something going on in their circumstances.

The cause of any form of unhappiness is always the same: we seek escape from a disturbing emotional reaction by trying to change external conditions into symbols of our success.

If you relate with any painful, disturbing emotional state as the cause of itself instead of ascribing the cause to conditions outside of you, outer circumstances will lose their power to disturb, discourage or deflate you. This is true success in this world because it is really all that anyone is truly after.

Instead of wishing things would change so that you could escape feeling so insecure, look within to see how you are preventing yourself from feeling secure by counting on control of external conditions for that feeling.

People define success all wrong.  They believe that to be successful is to have their outer life just the way they want it.  

But no matter how rich and glamorous your outer life may look, internally you feel enslaved by fear to the extent that you depend upon those external conditions to protect you from feeling insecure and unsuccessful.

As hard as you work to get what you want, you have to work at least as hard to preserve it, and you always know in the back or forefront of your mind that you cannot preserve it indefinitely.

A truer definition of success might go something like this: regardless of how outer conditions shift and flow, you do not have to step into any degree of desperation.  You remain as you are without inwardly stepping out of worry-free contentment.

To climb the ladder of true success use everything that happens to practice the new pattern of staying clear of depending on any external condition to protect you from your loss of the inner peace that is true fulfillment.  

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