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Secrets Of Motivation for Teambuilding - 3

One of the essentials for team members to be successful is for each team member to feel motivated.

And one of the essentials for team motivation is for the team to be having fun.

It is possible to take work and responsibilities TOO seriously.

The level of team achievement and motivation go together.  Success is really all about harnessing energy, all about focused power. 

When we are enjoying ourselves a higher level of positive power flows through us than when we feel drained, overtaxed or burdened, enabling us to succeed as a more effective team.

Of course, it is possible to be TOO happy at work, so happy that we lose our focus and become overly playful, inefficient and undisciplined.

To stay motivated and work as powerfully and productively as we can, we need to be happy enough to feel, do, think and even look our best.

When you begin feeling discouraged or frustrated, you don't need adventurous, off-site team building activities.  Just try lightening up and taking things less seriously. 

There exists a negative relationship between insecurity and motivation.

You have to overcome your fears to stay motivated and be as successful as you can be.

Team members (often unwittingly) feed their fear and undermine individual performance and team effectiveness by dwelling in:

  • Worry about the future
  • Self-doubt about their own abilities
  • Excessive concern about the abilities of a team member
  • A lack of confidence that life always works out for the best

Give yourself an attitude adjustment by remembering that:

  • you are bound for the success you desire
  • you are always advancing toward the goals you desire most
  • you are doing better and better everyday
  • your life is headed toward greater success and fulfillment

Remember that you need to be enjoying yourself for the highest levels of achievement and motivation.

Motivation and effective team interpersonal relationships go together.

Positive, happy team members get along better than uptight, unhappy employees.  

When you feel energized and enthused you can be more tolerant, flexible, understanding, compassionate and patient with your team members. 

You feel more confident regarding what others can do and that produces higher employee motivation and performance.  

Employee Motivation Tips: 

  • When we feel drained and strained we become increasingly short-tempered, demanding, cantankerous, and quick to take offense. 
  • We engage in needless conflict that wears down our inspiration even farther, and lowers the motivation of those we are in strife with. 
  • When you find yourself losing your patience with a team member, it's tempting to blame that individual for being so difficult.  
  • But it proves far more productive to take your negativity as a sign that you are in need of attitude improvement.

While costly, off-site, adventurous  team building activities may relieve employee stress and interpersonal conflict for a while, the more important approach to help the team stay motivated is to:

  • Cultivate a culture of individuals taking responsibility for their attitudes and emotional reactions toward fellow team members.
  • Teach and reinforce practices in anger and stress management.  
  • Provide team building trainings that show employees how to overcome the fears or anxieties that undermine motivation.

Those are the 3 "pillars" of inner foundation for higher achievement and motivation.

When a work-team is getting caught up in interpersonal conflict, it is often a sign that the level of motivation of the team members has dropped too low.

For a more cohesive, positive, and focused team, schedule a motivating team development seminar or motivational speaker event.

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