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How To Manifest Freedom And Abundance

Stop Relying On Emotional Distress

So you want to manifest freedom and abundance?  What if I told you that wanting to manifest freedom and abundance keeps you from them?  Why? Because that want places you in a state of their absence!

Let's look at this from another angle.  Do you count on emotional distress to save you from emotional distress?  The question sounds ridiculous but as you read on you will see that is exactly what we do!

Let's say that you look at your bank account at the end of the month and you are shocked to see how low it has fallen.  You then go into emotional distress as you say things to yourself like, I can't believe how broke I am!

A moment before you were not in emotional distress (over your bank account) but now, upon seeing how low it is, you go into a distressed emotional state in reaction to it.  Why do you go into frightened stress to solve your problem?

Because you don't realize what your real problem is.  You think your problem is the bank account (or anyone or anything else out there that seems to threaten you), but it is your state of internal disturbance that is your real problem.  Why do I say that?

It is your state of internal disturbance that is your real problem.

Well, what is it about your bank account that disturbs you?  It is the emotional disturbance you feel when you view it.  You want a higher bank account so that you can experience a higher emotional state. All the money in the world without the feeling of inner security you want from it would be valueless to you.


When you realize that what you want is really something internal, you can realize further that as long as you depend upon the performance of your bank account for the performance of your emotions you remain out of control of both!


Our emotional states operate like a magnetic field that causes iron filings to form a pattern that expresses the pattern of the field. 

Our emotional states operate like a magnetic field that causes iron filings to form a pattern that expresses the pattern of the field.  Our negative emotional states have a way of forming our circumstances to reflect them.  The more financially insecure you feel, the more you feel like a financial failure, the more circumstances arrange to demonstrate the validity of those feelings!

You can use your low bank account to grow really rich!  How?  By using it to unhook yourself from the pattern of depending upon emotional distress to save you from emotional distress!

Imagine that you are fishing and hook a giant fish that drags you off the boat and through the tumultuous sea.  You start yelling at the fish to stop, but of course it cannot hear you and continues dragging you farther and farther away from the safety of your boat.  The more you count on the fish to save you from your dilemma the longer your dilemma goes on.  And all you have to do is to let go of the pole to be free.

It is the same with getting hooked into emotional distress.  All you have to do is to let go of the state to know safety and freedom from your problem.  You don't have to change this or that outer condition no more than you needed to change the behavior of the fish.  In fact, the more you try to improve things from a negative emotional state the more that negative emotional state keeps things from improving!

Do you see now how we go into emotional distress because we think it will save us from emotional distress?   It is like the fisherman being dragged through the water who thinks he just needs to get more emotionally worked up to shout loudly enough to control the fish!  But fish have no ears!

We believe that in emotional distress we will want to get out of our problem so badly that we simply must find a way.  But in reality the state of emotional distress gives us the exact condition we want out of.

We go into emotional distress because we are counting on it  to control the universe.  And yet, when we let go of that state we discover that the universe is already under perfect control and we can relax to it and even feel inspired.

The more strongly you emotionally react to your problem the more you empower your problem and disempower yourself.  You take power from your problem when you take yourself out of any emotional stress in response to that problem.  As your problem weakens it literally ceases to matter.  

Yes, I hear you say.  But what about that bank account?

You will find that the less your bank account rules you the more you rule your bank account.  

Inner feelings of calm security and confidence manifest material freedom and abundance.

Inspire your workforce, school faculty or association membership with lofty wisdom that lifts them out of the snares of negativity.  Negative emotion causes a downward spiral in any organization.  

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