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Escape The Drama Of A Frantic Workplace

Whether you work in an office, on a truck or in someone's backyard, your life is really your workplace.

Sure there are times for rest and play, but you most likely spend most of your time working, and not just in a professional sense. 

You probably spend time working on yourself, working on your relationships, and working on bringing order into your life.  Even planning a vacation takes work.

The quality of your workplace environment can make a huge difference in how happy and productive you are.

A frantic work environment is like a frantic person.  Both generate chaos, confusion and conflict.

Some people believe they like a frantic atmosphere. They believe it injects them with excitement and energy.  But these individuals are really addicts using frenzied energy to escape facing their deeper feelings and needs, which would give their lives more meaningful direction and a far richer quality of fulfillment.

Ironically, people enter the frantic mode in an extreme effort to exert control over their circumstances, but it has the opposite effect.


Chaotic circumstances are externalized expressions or manifestations of the mode that matches them.  A hurricane is a wild storm that wreaks havoc and destruction.

Order and harmony expand in our circumstances as we trustingly surrender our efforts to control the course of things.

Relating to life with the attitude that it is nothing to fear, resist, avoid, or control, but rather something to always securely trust and rely upon, creates life-circumstances that validate that attitude. 

In other words, trusting that the universe is actually a friendly place of loving support that always perfectly takes care of us leads to the realization of that beautiful reality being the case.

Instead of frantically struggling for control, conquest and domination of your circumstances, release from your mind the idea that anything at all can ever really go wrong. 

Relax into the trusting attitude that life is designed by love to go just right, that there isn't a thing that you or anyone else can do to mess that up, nor is there anything  you need to do to ensure that it happens.  

Cultivate a trusting attitude toward reality, free of
fearful imagining of things going wrong.

When it comes to relationships, we permit order and harmony to expand in them by cultivating a compassionate, rather than a controlling attitude. 

The more compassion you feel and share the more you receive. 

The more you strive to control others, the more opposition, defiance and conflict you receive. 

Send compassion to every human being that you ever feel the slightest degree of conflict with until all feeling of conflict melts away.

Instead of trying to force or manipulate others into being more supportive of you, practice feeling more generously supportive toward one and all.  This brings more support from one and all back to you. 

The more supportive your feelings and intentions toward others, the more support you receive.

Feeling genuinely trusting, compassionate and supportive not only expands the order and harmony in our life-circumstances, it also sparks the joy that sings from our hearts in feelings of love. It dissolves any feeling of tragedy from our lives.

It is a tremendous relief to shift from the attitude of control into trust, compassion and generous supportiveness.  As you experience this feeling of relief your heart fills with joy and your circumstances seem to relax into a more harmonious, orderly flow that increasingly supports you.

People become frantic when they operate from an underlying belief in their inadequacy.  They believe they need to push themselves harder to avoid unhappy failure, but the harder they push themselves the more failure and unhappiness they experience. 

Why? Because you must fail in your attempt to be more than you are, just as you must fail in your attempt to be older or younger than you are.  And because joy springs from our hearts as we let ourselves be ourselves.

The drama of a frantic workplace and a frenzied life dissipates as you stop contributing to it by accepting that just being your relaxed, secure, natural self is more than good enough for all you want in all situations. 

To feel entirely successful and of great value to the lives of others drop the controlling mode toward yourself. 

Trust your natural mode of relaxed security which means simply being yourself rather than trying to prove yourself. 

You are a great, even Divine gift to the universe just as you are.  Feeling this way toward yourself helps you to relax into a state of calm inner harmony and order which transforms your circumstances to reflect that state.

To escape the drama of a frantic workplace and a frenzied life bring these practices into the workplace of your daily life.

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