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Lose Worry For Good

How would you like to lose worry for good?

Well, your key to courage is losing the false cause of dread.

We lose our courage and dread the future for only one reason really.  It's really the same reason why we grieve over past losses. We have saddled ourselves with the false idea that we can need what we do not have.

It is this single, insidious, misleading idea that causes us so much useless emotional pain in life.  We believe we need this person's company, or money or approval.  We believe that we need to be somewhere else, in terms of career or in terms of geographic location.  We believe that we need to stand out from the crowd or to fit in, to look this way or that, to be able to do this or that.  We mistakenly believe in the possibility of an unmet need.

This mistaken belief is reinforced day and night by the commercial programming constantly vying to manipulate our choices, desires and beliefs through the media.  We were raised to believe in this false way by people who believed similarly, and they passed on this pain-producing, grief-inducing, worry-causing way of mis-believing onto us.

Well, here's some breaking good news: we don't need to carry on this false belief about false needs any longer! 

Once we go to the effort of looking within at our pain instead of trying to run from it or push it away its real cause clarifies: the underlying belief in the reality of a need that isn't really real at all!  We then find that we can carry on living very nicely, far more happily in fact, without believing in that need. 

We really don't need what we believed we needed to live on in happy wholeness.

Our false ideas of need can be buried so deeply in the depths of our unconsciousness that it can take a good long time of accepting, even embracing our inner pain in our consciousness, to finally mine them out.  Once we do this interior excavation though, the idea that had been weighing us down so heavily instantly disintegrates as the beam of our clear awareness lands upon it, the way that a dandelion loses its fluff when you blow a puff of breath upon it.

The reality is that your true needs are always provided for, and when you live with genuine confidence in that fact you realize the ever-present, glorious truth of it.

Contained in the misunderstanding of ourselves that leads us to believe that we can need what we do not have, there lies the belief that we need our suffering to be truly alive and truly ourselves.

This is another one of those false needs that we mistakenly believe in.  Because of it we choose to live in the inner, emotional suffering that we want so much to get out of.  We falsely believe that we must go on suffering, and so we do.

As long as we blindly cling to this false belief we won't even bother to accept the possibility that perhaps our internal suffering is rooted in a false belief that we really do not need at all.

The way out is the way in.  When you feel dread or the pain of emotional loss, look within for the underlying belief in some kind of need that causes and perpetuates that pain.  

Perhaps you believe you need this or that person to treat you with more respect.  Perhaps you believe you need to get more done than you may be able to get done.  Perhaps you believe that you need to suffer when faced with your present circumstances. 

Whatever the idea of need that is causing your inner pain, simply question it.  Consider, What if I really don't need this to be happy and whole?  Just question the belief.  As you begin shedding some of the light of truth upon the belief, you begin shedding the belief.

You might then intensify the light by considering, What if I never need anything or anyone that I do not have?  What if all of my true needs are always and automatically met?

As you think along these new lines you loosen the attachment to your unconscious mind of the unquestioned beliefs that have been secretly misleading you into needless pain. You take another step into the dawning, joy-bringing realization that you never really need whatever you do not presently have. You take hold of the key to courage and lose the false cause of dread.

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