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Face The Truth That You Really Don't Know

Negativity is optional, not necessary.  This is a big, bright, emboldening life-lesson.  It dawns as we face the truth, particularly during our darkest trials, that we really don't know.

Face, don't fear, the truth that you don't know how to respond to what is happening. Realizing that you don't know how to handle what life delivers places you on the threshold of receiving a whole new life-lesson, and every new life-lesson takes your life to a higher level as it teaches you how to steer your life's course from one higher level to another.

Fear would have you believe that it is the appropriate response to what you don't want to happen. If you believe it, fear then drives you into action, making you its slave, intimidating you into desperate efforts supposedly aimed at saving you from the fear but serving only to keep that fear growing more and more in control.  You never get saved from fear by following its demands.

What if, instead of blindly, automatically giving yourself over to fear, you simply face the fact that right now you really don't know what to think, feel or do about the situation you feel plagued by? 

You might find yourself automatically entering into a state of sincere prayer, opening up within to connect with God to ask for help and guidance from the bottom of your heart.

Do you see how this makes what seemed to be taking you to a lower level into an event that lifts you to a higher level?

It's been said that the darker the problem the brighter the solution, and the brightest solution of all is giving your problem to God's infinite love and wisdom to solve.

But we like to pretend, even to ourselves, that we already know what we are doing.  If you look at people's faces in public places don't most of them look like they feel completely confident about what they are doing and where they are heading? 

Haven't you frequently wondered, though, if beneath those masks they really do know what they are up to and what they are setting themselves up for?

We fear that we really must carry on that pretense of self-confidence to maintain any shred of credibility in the world.  What would people think if they knew how clueless we really are?  So people put more effort into seeming that they know what they are doing than into finding out what is really worth doing.

And yet, it is upholding that pretense that prevents us from receiving the genuine inner awareness that would not only guide us with perfection right here and now but transform us into one who no longer needs that guidance.

If you honestly face the fact that you don't know what to think, feel or do about any unwanted situation, like a possible financial loss or a relationship loss or someone making trouble for you at work, you place your thoughts, feelings and actions in a state of abeyance.

In that state you realize that maybe you shouldn't even think about what you are worried about?  You realize that worry can be the exact wrong response to the situation.  You realize that you really don't know.

What is being asked of you is to suspend all belief and opinion about what is happening, to open up to a higher level of consciousness that really and truly knows.  As you open to that higher level you unite with it and are lifted up above the situation that was troubling you. In other words you attain a higher level then the level at which the problem existed and thereby leave it behind!

What fear tells you that you must avoid, truth tells you is a real gift, really the greatest gift of all: the gift of really knowing what to do.

It is our refusal to give ourselves to fear that is really all that life requires of us when it is most tempting to fall for fear's lure.  We make this refusal by giving ourselves to truth through the acknowledgement that we are really lost. 

And it is not just fear that we are to refuse the gift of ourselves to, but all forms of negativity, including melancholy, hopelessness, resentment, despair, despondency, and even eagerness and impatience (because these last two devalue the present relative to the future).  We really don't know what to do with ourselves when we allow the dark shadows of negativity to overtake us.

It's just astounding how surrendering our false knowing to receive true knowing always repays us rather quickly by dissolving our negativity with the fire of inspiration, encouragement and the sense of knowing that in truth our well-being has always been assured and always will be.  And it is living in this genuine good feeling that somehow makes all things right.

Invite your next life-lesson by facing the truth that you really don't know.

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