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Secrets of Motivation for Team Building - 4

Sometimes, a firm disciplinary tactic is what it takes to boost motivation or discipline in a work-team or team member. 

But you have to be careful here, because this can be too tempting when a team leader feels dissatisfied.

Issuing warnings, following through on stern consequences, criticizing or complaining MAY help a work-team or team member wake up and make more of an effort to improve his or her attitude or diligence, but only go here as a last resort.

For professional teambuilding, first make sure that you are doing everything else necessary to support motivation among your team, including providing a timely motivational seminar for team strengthening.

For instance, to enhance a team's problem-solving ability, a high level of motivation is essential.

Team Building Motivation Tips:
  • Motivation and problem-solving go together.
  • As long as you feel DE-motivated, your problem-solving ability is blocked and problems will seem too big to solve and too heavy to bear 
  • When you approach a problem with an optimistic, confident, and enthused attitude, you can most readily access your problem-solving ability. 

Trust is a big key: When you expect to solve your problem and that positive expectation empowers you to solve it.

Team Motivation Tips:

  • When you feel burdened by a problem that seems insoluble, let it go.
  • To access your creative problem-solving power you need to feel inspired and confident.

When engaged in solving a problem, it is essential to maintain a harmonious, positive FEELING state within the individual or among all team members engaged in the process of solving the problem.

When the problem-solving process seems stuck, and no solution comes, the individual or team at work on the problem is prone to becoming frustrating. 

Sooner or later, continuing frustration depletes drive. 

Team Building Motivation Tips:
  • The moment the individual or work-group becomes frustrated, contentious, critical or impatient, it's time to take a break from trying to solve the problem. 
    • Continuing to mull over it will most likely only dull mental acuity and cause demoralization.
  • Let the problem go MENTALLY by not thinking about it or worrying about it. 
    • Take a rest or do something fun or inspiring to let your motivation-battery recharge.

One way to boost motivation and improve attitude when at work on solving a problem is to imagine and pretend for a while that you have already solved your problem, achieved your goal, arrived at success. 

Be like a child, feeling and acting as if you have triumphed over your challenge.

This form of play can recover lost enthusiasm, which is the emotional foundation for arriving at solutions.

Remember that no problem is every really actually hard to solve. 

The moment it feels like a struggle, you are really no longer working solving the problem. 

You are letting the problem DISolve your enthusiasm and drain your power to solve it.

To improve your attitude , let go of the problem the instant you begin feeling stuck, stymied, oppressed or bogged down. 

Don't get into a power-struggle with your problem.

Have the patience to let it go, and to come back to it later, when you are feeling relaxed, optimistic and inspired.

Teaching your workforce how to problem-solve with motivation, and boost motivation when it wanes, is an essential element of professional teambuilding for success.

For a more motivated and productive team, schedule a motivating team seminar or motivational speaker event.

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