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The Power Of Trust And How To Use It

Do you trust that the limitations you face are nothing to struggle against or worry about?

When you find yourself alone, or with someone you are not particularly pleased about being with, do you regard that condition as nothing to fight?

If you had to make a choice, would you rather be debt-free or dread-free?

When you want to buy something but need to refrain because it would take you over your budget, do you relax to that barrier and trust that your greatest opportunity lies within it, rather than without it?

When you cannot do everything on your to-do list, do you relax into doing what you can do as well as possible and trust that to be entirely enough?

When you say or do something by mistake, do you churn on and on with worry about the consequences or can you trust that you will be fine and that everything works out for the best, freeing you to let go of that past life story?

Once you set a goal for yourself, do you worry about failing or do you trust that where there is a will there is a way and if you just relax and pay attention you will find doors of opportunity opening for you?

Do you worry that you will not have the means available for all that you really need, or do you trust that you will draw to you and find access to all the means you need when you need them?

Do you worry that your burdens of responsibility are too heavy for you to handle, or do you trust that you don't really have to worry about that at all, that all you need to do is what you can do right now, without the need to worry?

When you base your life on trust you turn anxiety into appreciation, grief into gratitude, a feeling of emotional imprisonment into a feeling of true inner freedom.  You raise the quality of your life in the present as you allow the energy of trust to lift you up and unburden you from within.   

Here is an exercise for doing just that.  Pay close attention to your feelings to notice the moment you begin feeling less than entirely free right now.  The moment you feel anything less than free, see if you can shift into a feeling of trust that you don't have to struggle, that life really is working out for you and that it is bound to continue to do so come what may

Doing this exercise reveals that it isn't life that is your problem, but any degree of distrust that you bring to your life.

Trusting in life won't make you lethargic.  On the contrary, trust dissolves lethargy, for that immobilizing state is born of despondency, which is rooted in the pessimistic belief in the futility of making effort.

Identify your goals and trust that you can achieve them.  Take whatever actions you can for them, trusting that your best is enough.  Trust that you don't have to worry about not achieving your goals.  Just keep focused on them, trusting that you are succeeding.

Envision your goals.  This draws you toward them.  Think about why you want to achieve them. This motivates you to take action for them. Commit to going for them until you achieve them, and to doing what you can each and every moment to achieve them.  Reminding yourself of this commitment keeps you on course.  And do all of this on a foundation of trusting in your power, in where you are heading, in wherever you happen to be in this moment.

This is how to use trust to release your full power to produce results and to fully enjoy yourself along the way.

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