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How To Feel Safe And Secure

Exit The Drama Of Fear Of The Future

Isn't it ironic that we try to feel safe and secure by worrying about what will be?

Fear of the future, fear of what might go wrong, takes away our feeling of safety and security.  The realities of life don't do this.  Our worry does it.

As long as we hold the belief that something can go wrong and that we have to fix things so that they will not go wrong we keep ourselves from the experience of safety and security that we crave.

You want to feel the joy that comes from really knowing that you and those you love are safe and secure.  You want to feel truly and totally taken care of and lovingly supported by the universe. 

Well, there's really only one way to have that experience. It starts with your attitude.


To experience the joyful state of feeling truly and totally safe and secure, enter the attitude of trust in the universe as a perfect system of loving support that is constantly working on your behalf.


This attitude frees you from feeling the need to fearfully struggle to figure out how to make your life work and your future safe.

The challenge to overcome here involves the programming we received in childhood that gave us the belief that the world is dangerous and we have to work hard to protect ourselves from all that can go wrong. 

This programming included the installation of the belief that we are not good enough just the way that we are.  We have been trained to discount our value.  This is all imaginary.  It's part of the imaginary drama that keeps us feeling unsafe and insecure.


When you adopt the attitude that you are actually a great Divine gift to the universe, that by your nature your sheer existence contributes to every human being in a sacred way, you can relax in the genuine self-confidence that releases you to experience the joy of freely and securely being yourself.


We have been programmed to distrust other people, to worry about betrayal, to believe that people can take advantage of us.  This belief feeds into the fear about the future that takes us out of the feelings of safety and security that we crave in the present.

Adopt the attitude that despite what can be argued to the contrary, every single person in the world is intrinsically for you, in service of you, because the whole cosmic system is set up to love you.  Whatever you might think about of another person's action, everyone has no choice but to give you exactly what you need for your ultimate benefit.

Adopt the attitude that while we all have free choice, we cannot change the fact that any choice we make can do nothing but be in support of everyone at the deepest and truest level.

If you look for how you are intrinsically supported by everything that happens and by all that anyone does, you will see it. 

Refuse to mentally dwell on the imaginary dramas about what can go wrong.  Reject the idea that anything ever can go wrong. Embrace the attitude that all that can happen is really a perfect expression of love.

With this wonderful attitude you can relax into the feeling of the universe's support, lose your fear of the future and retrieve the joy of feeling perfectly safe and secure that you knew before your mind was programmed to anticipate anything less.

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