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Solve Your Problems With Wonder

There are two levels of wonder: the mental level and the feeling level.  The mental level leads to problems; the feeling level to solutions.


Let's begin understanding how the two levels of wonder work by first examining the feeling of wonder.  An experience that feels wonderful is not just pleasing, it is awe inspiring.  It stills thought with an overwhelming sense of the magnificent, the majestic, the miraculous.  Wonder happens when the intellect is bedazzled as the heart fills with joyful appreciation of the splendid.  Wonder takes us beyond words.


The feeling of wonder connects us with the basic nature of reality as it really is and it expresses our true, basic nature.  Wonder is the infant's feeling as the world is revealed in all of its newness. 

Wonderful is actually how your true self always feels because that feeling is consistent with the true facts of life.  Wonder dawns as we look at life without intellectualizing about it.  As we feel the beautiful way that all things always work together for our benefit we are seeing life accurately, seeing what truly is.  Feeling anxious, worried, stressful, insecure or resentful is a learned pattern that is based on illusion.  Life-facts simply don't support that way of feeling about life.


The level of wonder that creates our problems is mentally wondering about what is going to happen to us, wondering about how things will turn out, wondering about what we need to do about what is happening.  This is mental wonder and it really is nothing but worry.  It blinds us to the truth of how wonderful everything inevitably is.   


Instead of wondering what is going to happen or what you should do about it, enter the feeling of wonder that expresses how wonderful life  is. 

Every event happens for you.  Everything that everyone does serves a higher purpose.  There are no mistakes or mishaps that your have to worry about. When you look back at something you  did and now realize a better way, appreciate that what you did perfectly served you and everyone else involved at the time, and now you intend to proceed differently.


When you turn your life over to this wonderful feeling you are set free to see how the higher, loving intelligence of the universe that always works things out perfectly is working on your behalf.  You will see how perfect you and everyone else really are. The more you practice living in this feeling of wonderful appreciation the more you will see how your life-conditions justify it.


Your circumstances are not something you can control by trying to figure out what you need to do.  They automatically reflect your level of consciousness.  The more you live in the higher feeling of appreciation for the wonderful way life works the more you will see your life's conditions matching those feelings.


When your attitude descends into a perspective of things going wrong you take your awareness out of the reality of how wonderful everything is.


Practice being on the look out for when you start to wonder about what is going to happen to you, what you need to do to fix things or what you need to do to avoid things you don't want to happen.  Shift as soon as possible into the feeling of appreciation for how wonderful everything is.  The more you live in that joyful feeling  the stronger it grows and the more quickly your problems melt away. 


Your feelings determine your perspective.  When you feel insecure you see things going wrong. When you feel things going wonderfully right, you see how amazingly wonderful things are going.


The next time that you think you have a problem, let go of the problem mentally.  Shift from thinking to feeling and solve your problem with wonder.

I will inspire your audience with the power of wonder for a whole new way to solve their problems and overcome adversities. 

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