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Secrets Of Motivation for Team Building - 5

Great team-work is in and of itself motivating.

But to get a team to work together at peak levels, each team-member needs to feel motivated at peak levels.

A similar pattern occurs in success.  Few things feed motivation like success.

But successful work-teams need to feel highly motivated before they can be highly successful.

The feeling of accomplishment sustains and recharges the positive passion that spurs efforts to achieve ever higher levels of team-work and success.

Frustration wears away at motivation and therefore undermines a team's ability to work together and succeed at high levels.

One common cause of this is a team in conflict.  One solution for a team's interpersonal friction is for each individual team-member to concentrate on getting motivated individually.

Motivation resolves conflict and dissolves frustration.

Another cause of frustration, the loss of motivation that follows from frustration, and the lower performance that results from low motivation, is repeatedly encountering a sense failure, or an apparent lack of progress.

Here are two Motivational Tips for this.

  • Realize that failure or a lack of progress is really nothing but a state of mind.
  • Set smaller, more attainable goals for yourself or for your team. 

Seeing a situation as a failure or as not progressing is a way of mentally interpreting the situation.

Cultivate a perspective that is motivational. 

A speaker can talk you into a negative attitude if he or she complains, criticizes and focuses on what is not working - so be careful of who or what you listen to.

Simply drop ideas that convince you of failure and look for the ways you are succeeding - you will find them.

To apply the second motivational tip for more successful work-teams, look for small things that you really can do to advance toward your goals.

For instance, to help a team in conflict, you might suggest that team mates agree to let go of negative, critical thinking about team members they have problems with.

As individuals in conflict simply dismiss critical thoughts of one another the energy of the conflict dissipates.

Whatever your goal, if you begin feeling demoralized, chunk it down to more achievable steps. Each time you achieve even the smallest of tasks, you will get more motivated.

Goal-achievement and motivation go together.

Motivational Tips: Motivation is like a core of power deep within you, waiting for you to access it. You access its power by:

  • Trusting that you are succeeding
  • Looking for the signs that tell you that you are succeeding
  • contemplating inspiring goals and purposes
  • Taking action aimed at goal achievement
  • Successfully accomplishing tasks that contribute to goal achievement

motivational tip is to be your own motivational speaker.

Monitor your speech carefully throughout the day to stop or avoid the disgruntled blaming or complaining that drains you of drive and lowers the attitude of those who listen to you. 

Avoid feeding team in conflict by resisting any urge to speak critically of someone you find annoying.

To be your own motivational speaker means to: 

  • Speak about what is going right, what you appreciate, what is working.
  • Express trust and confidence when faced with problems.
  • Choose silence when you feel the urge to speak in ways that would negatively impact motivation or increase fear in yourself or in your team-mates.

 This is how to build employee motivation for more successful work-teams. 

For a more successful professional team, schedule a motivating team building seminar or motivational speaker event.

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