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Live In The Joy Of Eternal Optimism

Being optimistic or being pessimistic is a choice, and as we will see, that choice becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. 

The choice has nothing to do with circumstances. 

Anything can happen and the optimist finds cause for appreciation, gratitude and inspiration.  The pessimist finds cause for discontent, disparagement, and discouragement.


If optimism or pessimism is nothing but a choice, we must wonder why on earth would an individual choose to be pessimistic.  Pessimism is unhappy, insecure and angry.  Optimism is joyful, loving and overflowing with faith.


The answer to this mystery lies in the fact that pessimists don't realize that they have this choice.  They believe that their circumstances are dictating their attitude.  What they have yet to realize is that their attitude is actually dictating their circumstances.


To be optimistic is to cause events to conform to your positive focus, meaning that the wondrous life you anticipate will blossom as your circumstances.


To choose optimism, and the destiny of miraculous bounty that it predicts, focus your attention on the feeling of joy that springs from your heart as you open yourself to the feeling of being absolutely perfect just as you are, and of this present moment being absolutely perfect just as it is. 


While you may not be able to instantly, logically justify these feelings, the more you focus on them the more justification you will see, demonstrating the power of a positive attitude.


Any feeling that we hold attention on grows in power.  By choosing to live in the sacred, harmonious feeling that you are perfect just as you are and that everything happening right now is also perfect, the feeling grows and your perception of the perfection grows with it.


You may find that you have a habit of slipping into pessimistic thoughts and feelings.  To overcome this habit, forgive yourself each time it happens.  Take your mistakes lightly; that is, optimistically.  Then, the next time that your attention drifts into a thought that causes you to feel negative, simply withdraw your attention from that thought and focus on the feeling of joy in connection with the feeling that you are perfect, and that perfection is what is happening to you right now. 


Common slips into pessimistic feelings occur through thinking of how certain people are against us or better off than us or simply better than us.  You can think of your children rejecting you, your mate betraying you, your lack of ability undermining your chances at success or significance.  By paying close attention to what you are focusing your attention on you will see that it is thoughts like these that cause pessimism, not your actual circumstances.


We feel attracted to thoughts that trigger emotional suffering because of the intensity of feeling that suffering.  Intense feelings make us feel alive, stimulated and engaged in our lives.  We crave the feeling of intensity as we crave life itself.


But there comes a time when you just don't want to go on feeling that much pain.  You want to live in the positive feelings of peace, joy, love, contentment, security, appreciation and inspiration. And what you learn by focusing on those positive feelings is that they grow in intensity the longer you hold attention on them.

They might start out weak, while negative feelings start out strong, because we have spent more time feeling negative than positive.  But through the deliberate practice of holding attention on the positive feelings their strength increases. 


When you truly and totally commit to the choice of abiding in those higher states of inner harmony and the beautiful circumstances that manifest to reflect them you will find the self-discipline to sacrifice the intensity of negative mental drama. 

You will choose the beautiful optimistic feeling that your life is bound to surprise you with another amazing event that fills your heart with overwhelming joy and gratitude.


Focus your attention on the joy of feeling that forever is always bound to be perfect.  Live in the Joy of Eternal Optimism.  It takes nothing but the choice to do so.

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