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How To Cause What You Want In Life

CAUSE.  It’s a noun and it’s a verb.  It’s also an admonition.  It’s also the simplistic reason given by young children to explain their actions.  Add an “L” (which can represent Love) and you get the name of the jolly gift giver.

Consideration of this term leads to a wisdom-question: What are you causing now?  And: How are you causing it?

Your Emotions Cause

Let’s look at one of the major ways that we cause what happens to us: our habitual emotional patterns.

Your emotional state emits an energy pattern that materializes physical circumstances consistent with it.  A disturbed emotional state emits a disturbing energy pattern that deconstructs your material conditions.  If that disturbance is continued for a long period of time, and if it is strong and powerful, it materializes a health disorder, relationship strife, environmental deterioration, personal economic collapse, technological and mechanical breakdowns, and every other form of chaos.

By contrast, a harmonious emotional state emits a constructive energy pattern that supports and improves beneficial material conditions.  When that positive state is maintained and powerful it produces wonderful conditions like improved health, more relationship harmony, upgraded environments, increased abundance, etc.

Changing The Inner Changes The Outer

By improving our emotional states we bring improvement to our circumstances. The challenge here is that our emotional reaction patterns are deeply habitual.  Until we make the necessary internal effort to gain liberation from our emotional habits, they sabotage any attempts we might make to cause improvements in any area of our lives.  No matter how much effort we might make to improve our circumstances through physical work and mental labor, our habitual negative reaction patterns see to it that nothing gets any better.

For instance, living in an internal state of dread and discouragement locks you into the problems that keep you feeling worried. We begin to effectively cause the improvements we want in life as we begin to cause our internal emotional states to improve. 

Doing the internal work necessary to release you from emotional pain, heaviness and negativity releases you from the physical conditions that match, validate and reinforce your unhappiness and insecurity.


Liberation From Unwanted Circumstances

As we gain liberation from our negative, internal emotional habit patterns we gain liberation from our unwanted circumstances. 

The habitual emotional patterns that plummet our spirits into discouragement, dissatisfaction, frustration, unhappiness, anger and fear cause our physical circumstances to decline proportionately. As long as you remain stuck in your emotional reaction patterns you will appear to be stuck in the same old physical problems, be they in the form of a financial problem, a relationship problem, a job problem, a health problem, an environmental problem, etc.

Our emotional state functions as a major cause of our physical circumstances, of our destiny. As long as our emotional reaction patterns remain beyond our control, we remain out of control of our destiny.

Freeing ourselves from unwanted circumstances begins with freeing ourselves from unwanted emotional states.

Be Cause

The first step to extricating ourselves from unwanted circumstances and liberating ourselves into wanted circumstances is to develop our power to cause our emotional states.  But as long as we attribute the cause of our negative emotional states to outside circumstances, including the behavior of other people, we abdicate our power to cause what we want to happen.

 By relating to our internal, emotional state as a cause of what happens to us, instead of as an effect of the circumstances to which we react, we position ourselves to deliberately, wisely stop causing what we don’t want and start causing what we do want to happen.

How To Respond To Crisis

If you are facing a crisis of any kind, see it as the manifestation of previous negative, self-defeating emotional states like feeling pathetically weak, powerless, helpless, dependent, inadequate, inferior, unworthy, incapable, discouraged, defeated, overwhelmed, or insecure.  All the time you have spent worrying about the worst possibilities have produced what you are now worrying about.  If this perspective causes you to beat yourself up, you are carrying on the negative emotional pattern that brings you more of what you don’t want.

After accepting emotional responsibility for what is happening, take responsibility for improving your emotional state.  If you merely try to change your circumstances while feeling negative, unhappy and emotionally stressed out, your inner state undermines your efforts.  Release yourself from the internal state of negativity and your positive emotional state in and of itself begins transforming your circumstances for the better, while empowering you to take positive action that will bring even more positive change.

If you are facing a crisis and you don’t know what to do about it, here is a piece of revolutionary wisdom: do what makes you happy.  If you love to write, write.  If you love to sing, sing.  If you love to walk in nature and you have the opportunity to do that, do it.  If your opportunities to do what makes you feel good are limited, just do what makes you happy to whatever degree possible.  Based on the law of momentum you will find opportunities opening up to do more and more and feel better and better.

While this may seem irresponsible to those with a conventional mindset, it is actually the most responsible thing that you can do.  As you fill your heart with overflowing joy your spirit soars within your present circumstances.  Thus, you radiate a positive, harmonizing energy pattern that raises the level of your physical conditions, producing a higher level of order, harmony, balance and beauty in your circumstances.

Meditate For Happiness

An essential practice for improving our emotional state is the practice of meditation.  A simple form that works for me and those I work with in Conscious Coaching Process is to simply stop what you are doing, sit still, look within, and feel how you feel.  Notice your thoughts as well. Sight gradually clarifies when you look within the way your eyes gradually adjust to a darkened room. You will soon see that how you feel is an internal condition.  As you relax and let go of your negative feelings and the thoughts that bring you down emotionally you allow your natural state of positive emotional harmony to expand.

“Rhythmic Alternation Is Heaven’s First Law”

My first life-wisdom teacher used to say that rhythmic alternation is heaven’s first law.  What he meant by this is that we let ourselves live in harmony and joy when we avoid doing the same thing for too long.  When stress is building, take a break and either rest or do something else.  Alternate from mental work to physical activity and exercise; from being indoors to being outdoors; and move at a pace during the day that feels relaxed, natural and stress-free.  As you bring conscious, balancing rhythm into your daily living pattern you permit your spirits to rise and cause your circumstances to rise with them.

Change Your Perspective

The fundamental shift for becoming the conscious, intentional cause of what happens to you in life is shifting from an outer to an inner perspective.  See your internal states as a cause, rather than as an effect.  Make your internal, harmonious state of inner peace, joy, love and gratitude your highest priority.  Practice being aware enough in the present moment to notice when you are habitually blaming how you feel on outside circumstances and other people’s behavior.  You can then shift your thinking and focus on improving your internal condition to improve your external condition.


If you have a tendency to feel anxious and insecure, practice feeling faith – faith in yourself, faith in the universe, faith in life, faith in God.  Feeling faith is doing good work.  To some degree you can probably feel a bit of faith at will.  Hold your attention on that feeling and it will grow stronger and more powerful.  Unconditional faith is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In sum, be the cause of your happiness to turn crisis into opportunity and materialize the physical circumstances that you desire.

It usually requires the support of a skilled guide to gain deep release from the emotional patterns that stand in the way of our joy and higher life-success.  To learn about the phone-coaching that I provide with guaranteed, immediate results, contact me through my website lovethemethod.com. 

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