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Can you recall the joy you experience when you felt totally in love with someone who seemed to be totally in love with you?  Do you know what caused that joy? 

It was your experience of release from the fear of being unloved and unlovable, from the feeling and fear of being of no value, worthless, utterly insignificant.  It was not really about your relationship to another human being.  It was liberation from an existential crisis: liberation in relation to the essence of life, truth, reality, the Ultimate Power, God.  You felt intrinsically loved and lovable, cared about and valued at an essential level of being, and that set your ultimate joy free.  The joy of being in love comes from an experience of Divine Love, from a Divine Love Affair. The feeling of that Love being absent is deadly; it is the most emotionally crushing experience for any human being.

What’s So Great About Joy

Beyond being the way you want to feel all the time at the deepest level of your being, the joy you experience in love raises your level of functioning and causes your circumstances to conform to the fulfillment of your deepest desires.  The more powerful your joy the higher the levels of order, harmony and beauty you manifest in the world, blessing you, your nearest and dearest loved ones and the world at-large around you.

Joy is your greatest goal-achievement power. To the extent that your goals align with your true interests and desires, the energy of your joy literally molds your ways of functioning and your circumstances into the forms that you desire..  If you really want something to happen, let your highest joy happen. 

Allowing Joy

Joy is not a state that you can make happen. Joy is not a state that you can count on outer circumstances or other people to give you.  Joy flows and grows naturally as you gain release from the internal emotional and mental control patterns holding it back.

At this point you may not be aware of how you hold your joy back.  It may seem that the behavior of other people or particular aspects of your circumstances steal your joy.  This points to a lack of self-awareness.  As you pay more inward attention to the activity of your thoughts and feelings, you will see that how you internally respond to what happens is the cause of how much joy you feel.  You will see that all states of unhappiness, including frustration, resentment, fear and sorrow, result from denying yourself of the joyful energy that naturally wants to arise within you.

The inner patterns that block our joy were learned in early childhood and reinforced through years of practice and the continuing influence of social cultural conditioning.  It essentially comes down to projecting the cause of how we feel outside of ourselves.  As this is a learned pattern, it can be unlearned, and that is the essential work of the joy-liberation process.

To let joy happen to the fullest extent possible requires making the inner work necessary for its release your top priority. 

Trying to arrange outer circumstances to provide you with joy proves to be a futile endeavor.  You can sometimes achieve goals that bring you a flicker or flash of joy, but as new problems arise and circumstances change you lose your joy.

Flickers and flashes of joy are certainly helpful.  But the most powerful way to positively impact your life is through sustaining deeper and deeper levels of joy on a consistent basis.

Life Does Not Go UP And Down

Life does NOT go up and down.  Our internal reactions to life go up and down.  How you judge or emotionally react to an event has no bearing on the true meaning, value or function of the event.  You are naturally creative and imaginative enough to interpret any situation any way.  You can see a death as a release, a loss as a blessing, a defeat as an exciting opportunity.  You can also see a win as a curse, a gain as a burden, a gift as a disappointment.

When you feel down about a situation you are experiencing your own down-feeling in response to it.  This is usually combined, at some level, with negative ways of mentally interpreting the event.  In other words, you experience the value that you impose or project upon the event rather than the event itself.

The goal for releasing the full power of joy in your life is to work on liberation from your internal up-and-down reaction patterns.  As you loosen yourself from these, you are gaining freedom from emotional dependency upon outer conditions.  Your internal state of natural joy arises, causing you to function in constructive, creative, even ingenious ways with seemingly infatigable energy.  This combines with the direct, positive influence of joy upon your physical world, causing your outer conditions to conform to your feelings of ecstatic fulfillment.

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