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Secrets Of Motivation For Team Building - 6

A motivational speaker is not just someone who is hired to stand up in front of audiences.

It is anyone who knows how to use the power of speech to produce a positive impact.

As you practice motivational speaking as your general mode of communicating in your daily life, you will get more motivated yourself and your influence will boost the morale and performance of your team.

Motivational speaking is an outgrowth of "motivational thinking" - which is really just another label for "positive thinking".  

Thinking and speaking motivationally is a great self-help practice that also serves those with whom you interact.

Being a motivational speaker in daily life builds relationships, supports team bonding and aids in conflict resolution.

Positive thinking and motivational speaking express AND REINFORCE the following valuable attributes of a positive attitude:

  • You really have nothing to worry about.
  • Your deepest desire is destined for fulfillment.
  • You are on the road to success.
  • You will always be provided for.
  • Everything is getting better.
  • You are a winner.
  • Your greatest dreams are coming true

As you diligently work on making your thinking and speaking more motivating, you will not only improve your own attitude. Your positive influence will improve the attitude of your team mates, and thus improve teamwork.

To boost morale in your workplace and inspire your team to perform at higher levels, become a more motivational speaker.  

This is a powerful self-help practice for team leaders that really should be part of any leadership development training.

It is a practice that helps you to remain free of anxiety, resentment and disappointment - common stressful conditions that undermine individual effectiveness and professional team harmony.

Those unpleasant stressful states make individuals impossible to get along with and therefore spark and fuel interpersonal conflict. 

Those states are also unhealthy, and grow increasingly destructive to health when they continue for long periods of time.  

Since the practice of Motivational speaking  in your daily life will help you to feel more calm, confident and secure, it also supports good health.


Don't strive to achieve goals out of fear of what may happen if you don't achieve them, but out of the joy of turning your inspiring vision of what can be into splendid reality. 

Perhaps the very biggest drain on motivation and the zest for life it brings is dwelling in negative emotional reactions. 

One angry explosion in the morning can diminish or entirely drain you of motivation for the rest of the day.

Even silently smoldering with discouragement, frustration or anxiety burns up motivation and breeds growing despondency.

You are your most resourceful, creative and capable when you feel motivated. 

To feel motivated is to feel joyful, successful and fulfilled. 

So, through the practice of inspirational speaking, you will: 

  • Be more positive in your thinking
  • Get more motivated
  • Enjoy better health and be a healthier influence in your relationships
  • Be a more positive influence in your workplace, which will improve team-work
  • Harness more your positive power to make your greatest dreams of success come true. 

As a motivational speaker you will AND BE MORE SUCCESSFUL IN JOY.

Motivational speaking is a powerful practice for more personal success and positive team building. 

For a happier team, schedule a motivating team building seminar or motivational speaker event.

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