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Build Confidence & Motivation For Sales Teams

Building confidence and motivation in sales teams involves harnessing the power of belief.

You have to believe in what you are selling, not just for sales success - to make the sale - but to make the selling process a positive experience for YOU, the sales professional.

Here is HOW to believe.  Surprisingly, it begins with respecting the power of NEGATIVE thinking.

While traditional sales trainers often focus on the power of Positive Thinking, Negative Thinking is really the ONLY obstacle to successful selling.

It is NOT the objections of clients or prospects.  

It is not the resistance of gate keepers. 

It is only negative thinking, which translates into a self-defeating attitude, that stands between a professional salesperson and really satisfying sales success.

When you entertain even the slightest doubt that what you are offering is less than absolutely valuable, you are misusing the great power of your mind.

The purpose of your mind is to facilitate your success and satisfaction in life, not to undermine it.

When you entertain doubt about what you are selling, or doubt about your ability to sell it or your qualifications for selling it, you are allowing your mind to DEPLETE you of confidence and motivation.

Sales teams either drive their mental power or their mental power drives THEM away from sales success and satisfaction.

Your mind is a tool.  To achieve your goals in the selling process, you must control and direct your thoughts. 

What happens if you mishandle a buzz saw?  Disaster.

We cannot calculate the number of disasters caused by a mind out of control, disasters that could have been averted with a bit more wisdom at the helm of the mind.

Here is some wisdom in the form of three successful selling tips for using your mind's power most effectively:  

1)  Observe your thinking.  Much of our negative thinking goes on unconsciously. Without realizing it we can be riding on a train of thought that is heading us AWAY from confidence and motivation, and  toward demoralization.

2)  Cast out doubt.  Negative thinking, thinking about all the reasons you can imagine why you cannot succeed, thinking of all the reasons you can imagine why you SHOULD NOT succeed, has to go.  When you notice yourself entertaining a demoralizing thought, just let it go.

3)  Build up your conviction in the absolute worth of what you are offering, and in YOUR WORTHINESS to offer it.  Think about all the reasons why what you have to offer is worth investing in UP TO THE HILT.

Building up belief in yourself and in your what you are selling is not about deceiving yourself.  It is about liberating your joy, your inspiration, even your love of what you are selling and whom you are selling to.

Looking at the pros and cons has it's place, but not AFTER you have made your decision.  Doubting decisions leads to paralysis.  

Here are two more successful selling tips for the confidence and motivation that translates into sales success AND satisfaction:

1) Once you make a decision to sell something, trust your original decision and commit to casting out any doubt that would dampen your spirit of enthusiasm for it.

2) Remember that it is not enough to just tell yourself all that is right about what you're selling.  Equally essential is NOT telling yourself all that you can imagine being wrong with it.

Apply this wisdom of the mind in all areas of your life.  Make it your daily life-practice to cast out doubt about yourself, your possibilities, and about the fact  that life really is absolutely good, that the law of life is love.

Look for how you are succeeding and you will see how.  Trust that everything works out for the best and you will find that trust justified.

Drop negative thinking habits and cultivate ever deeper conviction in the rightness of who you are and in what you are doing.  

Use your mind's power to generate the confidence and motivation needed to achieve FULFILLING sales success.

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