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Morale and Motivation Rescue: Harness The Power Of Feeling

A key to your success and fulfillment lies in the power of your personal motivation.

The more powerful your drive and enthusiasm, the more fulfilled and truly successful you can be.

This is because the energy of a totally motivated state empowers and impels you to do your best, to be your best and to achieve your best results.

As you feel that you are utilizing and expressing your full potential and effectively putting it to work for a worthy cause, you feel successful and fulfilled.

The fact is that nobody can feel totally positive all the time, though.

So it's important to learn how to go through our alternating mood and attitude cycles.

Accepting how you happen to be feeling in the moment helps you to begin to feel better right away.

By going through your emotional state without resistance, consciously witnessing – or better yet, intentionally exploring - the internal experience of your feelings, you gain emotional freedom.

This equates with the freedom to be who you are.  It's the opposite of emotional bondage – which is your predicament when emotion controls you.

There are countless problems connected with being controlled by emotion. 

One is that fear can cause you to worry all your power away.

Or you can be driven by anger into engaging in pointless personal conflict.

You might be caught up in a positive emotion, like hopefulness, which can lead you to make a hasty decision based on superficial judgment.

To the extent that you are run by emotion, anyone who can manipulate your emotions can manipulate YOU.

Beyond this, at the core of emotional bondage is pain, the pain of NOT feeling free to lead our own lives.

Going through ANY emotional reaction consciously, and without resistance, reveals how you let it run you, and how to gradually set yourself free.

This newly gained level of emotional intelligence enables you to avoid slipping into that same emotional trap in the future.

Life always offers you an open door of opportunity.

Inner resistance, or resisting your feelings, is a sign that you are resisting that opening.

We resist our feelings based on the fear of giving up control.  We THINK that we have to go a certain way, when life has a different plan.

One factor contributing to this resistance has to do with a pervasive mis-understanding about how we “ought to be feeling”.  

We trust happiness and distrust unhappiness. We think we should always feel up and so we fearfully resist feeling down.  

But however you happen to be feeling right now is what you need to go through to release more of your power for love and joy - to experience more freedom. Resisting your feelings only makes you feel worse.

We need to develop trust in how we feel.

This trust develops as you practice feeling your feelings without resistance.  

Allow yourself to fully feel your current emotional state as you consciously examine the experience of that feeling.

Through this practice you can lose your fear of feeling fully, enjoy more emotional freedom, and liberate more and more powerful and positive states of high morale and motivation.

As long as you are alive your feelings will go up and down, and there is no telling how deeply painful some of your darker feelings will be.

But the more freely, fully and consciously you go through your feeling-states, be they high or low, the more powerful and positive your level or motivation and morale, and therefore your level of success and fulfillment, will be.

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